Video game offers


Whaaaat Square Enix owns that now? Do they own the rest of the id stuff?

Also, I watched like 5 minutes of the GDQ run of that game. I had to turn it off, good god it was awful.


Maybe Scott should stream it.


Shenzhen I/O is in the latest Humble Bundle. If it were in any of the lower tiers I’d personally yell at everyone who didn’t buy it, but unfortunately it’s $12. Still worth it though. Everyone who has it should add me on steam.

Free copy of Punch Club:


I bought it from the Steam Sale for $12.50
Also I’ve been stuck on the 3rd puzzle for a while and feeling pretty dumb.
Edit: I think I was overthinking it. Trying to use the not command when I shouldn’t have.


Elite Dangerous is SIX BUCKS right now on Humble store, for the next 12 hours as of this post. If you’ve even the slightest interest in Elite, or space sims in general, that’s an absurd price, and about a thousand percent worth it. If you have either of those things, you’d have to be crazy not to snap that up.

The Horizons expansion is also worth it at 13 bucks, bringing you things like planetary landings.

Seriously. Get this game. It’s extraordinarily good. Here’s the mostly in-engine/in-game footage trailer., and the I-just-want-to-feel-like-a-badass-to-music trailer.


Jackbox Party Pack 4 is 15 bucks. Worth it? I’ve played 3, how does 4 stack up?


There is a drawing game that is pretty good, but not as good as TKO or drawful. There is a Fibbage that is the best fibbage. You ask and answer questions about yourself and other people in the room!

The rest is meh.


Yeah the sexting one was kinda awkward and has a weird objective backbone that doesn’t really work super well. I kinda got it after playing a round but it was really confusing how to interact the first time through. Bracketeering is some streaming trash, pretty boring.


If you’ve got Twitch Prime, you can get Civ IV: Complete Edition for free right now.


yeah but gotta get the twitch client. which, bleh. Not really enough of a reason to not do it. but still bleh.


Giant Steam Sale this weekend.


Firewatch and Heat Signature are on my wishlist and on sale. Also my unplayed steam list is like 50 games long. Is there a reason I should pick up one or both?


Heat Signature sunk a good month of time off of me. It’s a more tactical Hotline Miami where to jack people’s shit up and steal spaceships and lead a revolution. I got my money’s worth out of it.


Heat signature is a game where I played it so much that I was so close to 100% achievements it that I just took like an hour one day and got the 3 or so that I hadn’t naturally gotten in the course of play.

It may well be the first game that I’ve ever gotten 100% of the achievements.


Stellaris is on sale. Is it good?


I like it, but it can be an overwhelming game at first. The game has had a lot of updates and changes since it has come out, but right now it is in a pretty solid state.

I’m a fan of space 4x games since Master of Orion, I went from Endless Space to this game and I haven’t even looked at Endless Space 2.


The topic of Endless Space 2 versus Stellaris came up in a different thread, and I think it boils down to what type of game you’re looking for.

Basically, if you want a more traditional 4x game that’s massive in scope, yet doesn’t have much of a narrative component, get Stellaris. If you want a 4x game with a stronger narrative appeal, but that’s smaller in scope, get Endless Space 2. Both are quality games and scratch somewhat different itches.


F1 2015 is free on the Humble Bundle.


Target has Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle at 50% off going at $30. Finally bought another physical media game.


Slay the Spire on sale at the humbley bundley.