Video game offers


It’s the 20th anniversary of Unreal. The original Unreal from 1998. It’s actually a good single player fps if you haven’t played it. It’s free on Steam and GoG.


I haven’t tried this, but it looks somewhat decent, and free is (nearly) always good:

“In an attempt to zap some life back into Raiders in time for the next episodic campaign release, for the next two days, you can grab the entire game (including three DLC solo/co-op campaigns) free on Steam to keep forever.”


The DLC says it’s free, but when I add it to my Steam cart, they are $10 each.


Yeah it seemed broken earlier.


It worked fine for me. It didn’t even go to my Steam cart, just added it to my library and downloaded.


The game did, but not the DLC.


Yeah, that happened to me as well. Once I downloaded the game, I went back into Steam and went to each expansion’s page and downloaded them manually.


eh… I don’t care enough about that game to put in really any effort other than visiting the steam store


Hacknet is one of the most enjoyable hacking games I’ve played and it’s currently free on Humble


Quake Champions is in early access, and is free until June 18 @ 10AM Pacific time.


Anyone here really familiar with Kingdom Hearts series? This deal popped up on the PS Store:

I only ever got to play the first 20 minutes of the original. Story aside, what’s the core game play like?


It’s mostly just a hack and slash with some super light RPG mechanics, there’s also a minigame where you build a ship and play a Starfox-esque shooter.


You’re underselling the best part of the game here. :stuck_out_tongue:


When Kingdom Hearts first appeared I wanted to play it very badly. That Utada intro video and all the screen shots of Disney charactrs with FF characters sold me hard. At the time I only owned a GameCube, no PlayStation 2, so I didn’t buy it or play it.

Many years later when it was possible to emulate, it was one of the first games I tried to play. I am so so glad that I did not play it back in the day. Almost as soon as the game starts that is a platforming section. Yes, platforming in an action RPG. That shouldn’t be a problem, but the controls were horrendous. Really felt like one of those old cheapo NES games with no Nintendo Seal of Quality. Then I get to the part of the game with fighting, same thing. Just godawful controls. The game is garbo. I quit before I met a single Disney character and have no desire to ever spend my time on a KH game ever again.


Unlike Scott I did play it as a child and I think that may make all the difference. He got put off by the platforming the only time in the game it appears, at the beginning and then never again. He also couldn’t get the hang of the unique combat system, which I love but then again I played it when I was young and could afford to dump my entire life into a game for a few weeks until the very plastic of my brain could mold around it.

Basically they have a four option menu and submenus you can select in real time in combat to do actions other than attack, such as use a magic spell, use a summon (which is just a different kind of magic spell, like Simba can appear in game roar real loud and damage all enemies on screen, then disappear, he doesn’t like, chill and fight like a summon in another game) and the context specific option which only is selectable at certain times.

It’s not really designed well, but it’s a very heavily polished turd that like many things works great when you get the hang of it. You just muscle memory hitting like down on the d-pad (the game generally uses the analog stick) followed by triangle and just map that in your brain to casting fireball. Don’t think about the fact that you actually selected magic on one menu and then fireball on a sub menu.

The story of the game is charming and intense. The steaks feel high, the characters feel real and in danger. You end up really caring for Goofy and his devotion to Mickey, to Donald and his wanting to go back to Daisy. You, really hate Maleficent and her plot. The story is good* and well told.

It’s a game with a lot of pros and cons, and I love it warts and all.

*The story of each individual game is good and well told, the story of how the games all relate to each other is a goddamn mess that nobody can keep track of. It’s like the plot of generic shonen anime. The council of 13 was convened to contest the old master who defeated the old good guy, they defeated him but his heart went into the world and talked with the protagonist’s heart before he was born and on and on it goes being ridiculous.


I was in my mid-20s when the game came out, so I would never have that “experience as a child”. It’s more along the lines of Kingdon Hearts is one of those (mostly) Playstation Exclusives that turned into a giant touchstone for everyone. Beyond that it looked like one of those old school “RPGs that you could play for months”


I’ve never even heard of Kingdom Hearts except for maybe a few mentions in this forum. Maybe.


It’s Final Fantasy and Disney in the same game. Literally a kid with a giant key (basically a sword, just not pointy) and Goofy and Donald going around beating up bad guys.


It was big in the Anime convention scene for years. You have people cosplaying characters from it or had tables in the dealer’s room selling a lot of related merch.


“Was”? Dunno what cons you’re going to, but it’s still pretty f’n huge.