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That is maybe not actually a good thing. Take it from me, do you really want the same people who thought Night Trap would cause copycat murders and took Jack Thompson seriously as an expert on the psychological effects of violence in video games trying to legislate on this issue?

I’m from Australia, dude, I’ve seen how governmental meddling in the video game industry tends to go, and once it’s there due to politicians trying to play popular issues for votes, it’s very difficult to change things if they do a cack-handed job of it. Which they will, because there’s a tiny faction of politicians who have even the remotest idea about video games after Pong, and of those, even fewer again actually keep up to date on what’s going on in the space.


The content in Night Trap didn’t require extra money to unlock. This is an issue where game developers pinch every last dollar out of the customers’ wallets and then some, even after they’ve purchased the game at full price.


Apparently the point did, and you decided to save your cash.

Yeah, no shit, thanks for explaining it to me like I’d never heard of video games before.

I’m still telling you that you don’t want the government making knee-jerk legislation in response to this. Been there, done that, it’s a fucking disaster.


This is good because it is regulating gambling. They should regulate CCG card packs also.


It’s knee-jerk trash that will do little if anything to solve the problem. Did you even read the legislation? Literally the only ones that matter are the ones banning sale of any game with any form of both payment and random item drop to anyone under 21 - and it only punishes retailers. Which literally does nothing to actually fix the problem of blind boxes in games, it’s just punishing retailers for selling a product they don’t actually control, and will be absolutely ignored by big publishers, who still have 50 other states and literally the rest of the world to sell in.

Not to mention, y’all are ignoring a big old loophole - Can’t buy it if you’re not over 21? No problem - the overwhelming majority of consumers under 21 already have their games bought for them by a parent, relative, or guardian.

The others are warning labels - which we already know doesn’t really work, because people just train themselves to ignore the labels, as we’ve seen with the MUCH more dire cigarette pack warnings - and drop tables, and if telling people their chances of winning made a difference, the lottery literally wouldn’t exist.

It’s Storm-and-fury vote-gathering, not a solution. Bring me a solution, not penny-ante electioneering.

Christ, no wonder marketing teams the world over think gamers are suckers, tell us what we want to hear and we’ll nod and clap along like trained seals.

They should regulate CCG card packs also.

But they won’t, because they don’t care about the gambling, they care about making a noise to get votes to look like they care.


Anything that forces companies to publish the odds is good. In this way even a local area’s faulty legislation can benefit all places.


Assassin’s Creed will have a nonviolent, educational mode. It will release February 20.


OutsideXbox and their sister channel OutsideXtra have some good videos that explain more about it, and give you a bit of a look.