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How do you get the free games? Go to twitch or Amazon?


I think it works with both. I’d use the Twitch Prime link, though, just in case.


I got the games, click on the crown icon on twitch , scroll down to the offers and click on redeem. Once done log into the twitch desktop app and you will see them under my games.


Aaaaaaand I’m not doing it.


In case you didn’t know the Wii Ware and wii virtual console store will no longer be selling points next week. So if you are a fan of getting rare games this is a GREAT time to buy.


I was interested in seeing if there was some WiiWare hidden gem I overlooked, but fuck I can’t do a 30min youtube video


Most of the beginning of that video is Virtual Console, and there’s some great stuff there but no one on FRC forums is going to care about Virtual Console the way I used to.

Contra / Gradius / Castlevania ReBirth.

Kenji Eno’s last game; You, Me, and the Cubes.


There is a list in the description that has the short version for you.


I saw that, but it only covered Virtual Console. I am more interested in the weird shit that might have only ever come out on WiiWare.

…so we are getting together for 4-player Tomena Sanner, right?


I’m down 15 characters

Also the Wii Ware list he has start at the 20:02 mark.


This list is pretty short, and most of the games seem to be described as flawed, but interesting.

The Konami rebirth stuff is super tempting but I think I can safely just let these go. I hope they do get preserved in some fashion, though. This always irks me when games fall out of existence.


I tried via Twitter to see if I can give money to someone who would archive thse games, so far no takers.


I would assume that is because folks are very much on top of this one already.

But are the publishers properly archiving their source? Prob not. Konami? Def not.




I’ve seen some of you here talk about the upcoming Battletech game. Wondering if it’s the real deal or some licensed cop out. It looks like it might be good.


Comes out on the 24 of APR, so we’d know then, I backed the kick-starter.

FYI, I actually take part in a Monthly Battletech game usually at my house if your in the Philly Metro area :slight_smile:


Yeah I was just curious if they had a beta or someone has followed news more about it and had more info.


I have a friend who use to work for catalyst games and is now on the dev team for the BattleTech. He seems to think that it is the real deal.


I kick-started it. I saw it at pax many times and spoke to the devs. I played the beta. Battletech is legit.