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To the console overwatch players…Nerf this!


Is it just me or the HD texture pack for fallout 4 seems un-optimized ?


Many triple A titles are around this size or larger e.g. the recent re-release of Doom was 65gb. The logic and game engine didn’t take up all that room.

Also there is a bunch of surface area for that game not sure how big a tile size they used.

The game is dead for me so I can’t be bothered finding out.


Agreed. FO4 is pretty and I like some of the mechanical changes to the engine but… The game has no soul. I got partway through Nuka World and just lost interest.


Valve is replacing Steam Greenlight.


PlayStation Now is being heavily deprecated.


Looks like more writers from valve are now leaving [1]. I’m not certain on if this means that the projects are completed, or that they are no longer interested in working there due to lack of development outside of DOTA.



I would tend to think it is the latter. Valve, through Steam, is -the- source of PC games. I would conservatively hazard that the vast majority of their revenue is Steam sales. Publishing and distribution is their meat and potatoes now so they have no reason to put resources into heavily developing new games anymore. In the AMA Gabe did recently he was very cagey about even saying they are developing games at all. A single word affirmative IIRC. So no game development means no writers needed so they look for work elsewhere. I really think Valve is dead as a mainline developer. Their current model is just too lucrative.




I knew this was something which was mentioned but World of Goo being out has showed off the Pointer function of the Switch.


Just to be clear, $200 for a collector’s edition case…and it doesn’t include the game.


Link is escaping to the one place that has not been corrupted by capitalism.


I can’t find a video of it currently but you can do one better apparently by bringing the magnetism and a treasure chest into the mix.



Potentially GOTY


Starcraft Remastered. This is good and bad. I really like Starcraft single player. I’m too shitty to play on anything but easy mode, but I really like it. I actually never 100% beat Starcraft 1, and I think there might be one more Starcraft 2 expansion I didn’t beat. Remastering the first one is cool because now maybe I can go back and take care of it.It’s not cool because I already paid for Starcraft 1, and do I really have to pay for it again just to get a better UI?

In other news, Nintendo claims they will have a ton of Switch and 3DS announcements at E3. I don’t doubt this. However, I remember a lot of things being announced by Nintendo at E3 that never ended up actually happening. Wasn’t there some Metroid game, and the hammer thing, and the vitality sensor, and that Wii U robot thing, and I’m sure there are more. Can’t give Nintendo any credit until the product is on the shelf.


If you are talking about “Metroid Prime: Federation Force”, that did happen and it came out and no one cared and forgot about it immediately. As far as I know, when it comes to actual games, Nintendo tends to deliver. Sometimes late maybe, but don’t really remember any big Nintendo titles begin just dropped.


Wow, really? Here are the other games I mentioned that didn’t happen.


I believe some of Project Giant Robot got turned into Star Fox Zero. These things are very much tech demos like the original Mario 128 demo (which got turned into pikmin).

Edit: Was slightly wrong it was a different demo of the same year which became Star Fox Zero: