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I like Okami a lot, but it is good to take a break after the first fight with Orochi and then the fight with Ninetails.

Go play a different game for a bit.


I am surprised by how great Mario Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is, especially in the context of the year that Switch has already have. Eating the corpse of the Wii U definitely gave Switch some crazy superpowers. One of the best single years any console has ever had.


Don’t fuck with sniper Luigi, he’s a stone cold killer.


My team is luigi rabbid and Yoshi rabbid, I will baseball slide you to Oblivion.


I just got a Switch for Christmas and Mario Rabbids is the first game I’m playing on it, and it is definitely solid so far. I’m excited to see just how crazy it gets in combat.

Also, having used the Switch for just two hours, I already love the form factor. I already liked the Wii U for being able to play a non-mobile game on the couch while Katie is playing something on the TV, and the Switch takes it up a notch by having the controllers detachable. So much more comfortable being able to lay down with my arms apart and putting the screen wherever I want it.


That game is fun but gets a little frustrating/boring around world 3.


Not gonna lie, this is a huge selling point for me. I am 33 and can feel the wrist hurt disease creeping in. Being able to play with controllers detached and wrists at wrest is going to make this something I can bust out long into old age. I sincerely hope Switch continues to release games faster than I can play them.


One of the best arguments for the switch controller is being cat accessible. No napping positing renders a game unplayable.


Mad Catz is back from the grave.


Picross e8 snuck its way into the DS eShop when nobody was paying attention.


Well that’s lame I didn’t realize until today Humble Bundle promo giveaway keys expire after a couple weeks. I ended up losing a couple games due to that.

Granted I was probably never going to play them but still that was kinda lame. I was sort of interested in CoH 2.


Recently, a Deadman’s Switch activated that published several leaked documents of an upcoming Data Broker, LLC. presentation outlining a new AI monetization scheme that will most likely be the probable roadmap to replacing Loot Boxes as the new primary mode of microtransactions and monetization in mainstream gaming.

Read the presentation here. (Note: It’s pretty long.)


I did plow through all of Mario Rabbids. The missions were always fun, but the running around the map did get tedious by the third world. The DLC ultra-hard missions were not fun and I noped out early. 35-turn escort missions are just sadistic. I want to find someone else who beat this game and do co-op with them. Also looking forward to new DLC world, with a whole new character, that should be coming soon.

I have since moved on Graceful Explosion Machine, which is a nice indie bullet hell game. It’s basically tiding me over as I continue to wait for Just Shapes & Beats (which btw, I was told at PAX South, will be launching in March. FINALLY).






I actually had some fun with Battlefront 2, its a solidly built game, but it absolutely doesn’t need this bullshit. They’ve already fucked up their chance to do this kinda thing, and trying to retroactively put it back I predict will not let them make up any lost revenue. You’ve already soiled your image, just try and hold on to what you have.


This is kind of interesting:

Also a lot of evidence in this video:


So in the wake of this story about Dragster I posted above, Billy Mitchell (who many of you will recognize from the Documentary “King of Kong”) has been accused of cheating to obtain his high score. The allegation is that he used an emulator and repeatedly reloaded save states to manipulate RNG.

However, all of this is somewhat moot. Just last week a new record was set for Donkey Kong. The record attempt was streamed on twitch, and they afterward disassembled the cabinet on stream so viewers could verify that it is a legitimate machine.


Congrats to Hawaii for quickly introducing law on games with loot boxes.