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Bit unfortunate in regards to steambox, it was a really competent little streaming box. I own one, it’s honestly pretty great at what it does. And as much as you’re gonna say “But get a HTPC”, brother, you find me a HTPC that I can build for five bucks and works out of the box with under five minutes of setup, and I’ll buy two.


I also have a steamlink and the best thing about that little thing is that you can plug a bunch of different controllers into it and when it connects to the PC they show up as xbox controllers regardless of what they are which improves game compatibility a lot.

For instance, Pac-Man CE DX doesn’t support my arcade stick if I plug it into my computer because it’s for PS3 which means it shows up as a Dinput controller and that game only supports Xinput. Plug it into the steamlink and play on the tv, works perfectly.


Considering the Steam Link App on Android, I expect third party versions to start popping up. It works fairly well so far, even though tis still in beta.


If SteamOS was built into TVs and there were more Overcooked type games (4 player local co-op), it might just keep SteamOS relevant for casual gaming.


More fuel on the Google gaming console fire.

Chrome is adding support for Switch controllers in pretty much every configuration.


I don’t know if there’s a future where PC Gamers don’t buy Gaming PCs or build their own. At least, not in the foreseeable future.

Consoles will probably get more and more PC-like, but will remain relatively locked down.

Casual gaming is tough, because as soon as your scope is casual, you’re competing with tablets and phones.


This would be cool for minor things, like if I wanted to play Civ VI in between tickets at work, but I dunno. Then again, much like Jersey Girl, I just don’t think this is FOR me.


Tom Waits or Bruce Springsteen?


Kevin Smith. It’s a reference to this penny arcade:


Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam




So the idea is that you are watching YouTube and you see a cool game. Then you click a link and some cloud computer runs the game and streams it to your browser and you start playing immediately.



The idea is the future we’ve all known someone was gonna try at some point.

How are they gonna get some of these games running on linux? The only like… good solution I know of is a GPU passthrough and that still leaves your games running in sandboxed windows.


It’s going to be hard to imaging what Sony and MS will be able to do in light of this.


I feel that best thing Sony could give would be Playstation 5. Kinda like Playstation 4, but with bigger number. Also they could be a little less dicks about cross platform play.

Also I could dream for whatever physical media it uses to be such that it can fit all of most games instead of having tiny bit and download the rest in them. But I don’t have any hopes up for that.


Im starting to get existential terror that i no longer understand the gaming market because i find it hard to believe Google thinks this is a good idea. Like, we are still in preorder hell where any AAA is hyped for a solid year. Who the fuck learns about a game’s existence by watching streams for it? This just sounds completely backwards.