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Nintendo of America isn’t in charge either. It only handles marketing, customer service, and distribution. They do some localization stuff also maybe. Nintendo Japan calls all the shots regarding hardware and software.




THQnordic did an AMA on fucking 8chan, the lowest sewer drain on the internet. They have now apologized, citing a failure to do “proper due diligence to understand the history and the controversy of the site”.

And even if we were to believe them, it doesn’t exactly explain what the fuck they were doing during the AMA.

What a bunch of asshats.


Oh it’s all sorts of failure. PR guy says “whoops” despite a single google search without clicking a thing will display the words “child pornography”. Their original post is along the lines of “why are we doing this? oh well”. And then of course all the shit they actually post in the AMA.

Why would you ever fuck up this bad as a developer/publisher? Especially if the national news decides to cover this then you run the total risk of hemorrhaging all your under 18 sales of games. And probably a lot of your over 18 sales as well. I think it’s safe to say things like child pornography are a pretty bi-partisan issue.


More op-ed piece than anything else, but I thought this was well written:

"And I was left with an even worse feeling: I had been right. My paranoia about being laid off, my obsession about planning for what to do if it ever happened again, it was all telling me something. I should never have lost the fear in my gut. I should have let it drive me. It would have been safer.

Years later, I’ve realized that this fear and anxiety isn’t just common. It’s necessary if you want to have a long career. Games might fail fast and hard upon release, and studios can shutter overnight. There may not be obvious warning signs. It might even happen at companies with a large number of hit games."


Honestly, this could be about the IT field in general.


So, all of Halo is returning to the PC via Microsoft store and Steam.


I might play those for cheap next time I’m in a single player FPS mood. Especially if they get a little HD remake treatment.


“For the team at 343 Industries, the most important and critical element of this project is ensuring that MCC delivers a true “first class” experience on PC. We’re embarking on a journey with our community to build a real PC experience that delivers on PC gamer expectations. The team is passionately committed to ensuring that all the features, bells, and whistles expected in a modern PC title are included with MCC.”


Yeah, there’s a lot that’s positive and negative to be said about the Halo games, but there’s one thing for sure, Bungie(and later, 343) know how to make a shooter that just feels real good to play.


I would totally take another spin at Halo.



I mean if Google makes console that works with Steam :-p


The Steam console didn’t work out so well.


So DF coming to steam with the default tilesets being Meph and Mayday, rather than the ASCII.
Also they’re adding support for steam workshop so modding will be able to be done with just a mouse now.

This is pretty big news. It’s like… 1/4 of what they need to make this game have super broad appeal. The biggest being a UI overhaul.


yea your talking about it’s streaming to a TV super cheap system? I don’t count that has a actual console more of a oddy.


If they make an actual PC that runs its own games and Steam, it will cost a fortune if it has any kind of real GPU in it. If it has a weak sauce GPU, lots of games are going to run like craaaap.

Also, yeah, there were Steam machines and there was the Steam Box. Two different things, Both failed.


Maybe he is referencing the Steam Machines. If not, I think the streaming box worked well enough for some games.


Yeah they partnered with hardware manufacturers to make “consoles” and it didn’t pan out very well. I don’t think anyone should be investing in consoles these days unless it can be compared to the Switch potentially. Which doesn’t really work for PCs. Otherwise streaming seems to be the future. And they might just sell a little box with a controller to do so. The Google Assassins Creed project was technologically impressive. The fact that they were able to reduce the latency as much as they did is pretty outstanding. Doing it at scale is the next challenge, which Google usually is pretty good about.

The biggest problem so far is that every producer seems to be researching and experimenting with their own services. Worst case you’ll end up with a bunch of different services that you have to subscribe to multiple of to get what you want.

The GeForce Now service that you can access with a Shield is pretty damn good. Weirdly enough, it works better than using the Steam Link app to stream from my PC.