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If people want to keep making XCOMs forever, I would certainly not complain.


When is that? I still have some of my Battletech books.


Update to previous things I brought up here. Billy Mitchell, known from the documentary “King of Kong”, has been stripped of all his records by Twin Galaxies.


Wow - I have a friend who worked at Funspot and his job was to monitor Billy’s Pac-Man machine as he played to make sure nobody messed with him or the cabinet while he played. Given that he witnessed the entire run and the machine is still there, I am reasonably certain that his Pac Man Perfect Game was legit.


I mean, Billy is clearly better at these games than we are. Just like Barry Bonds or Mar McGwire surely had a lot of baseball skills. Otherwise some shlub like me could take PEDs and hit all the home runs.

I’m sure part of his success was due to cheating and some was due to actual skill and practice. That being said, you cheat once, you are now a cheater, and we can’t trust anything you did. Lance Armstrong NEVER won the Tour de France. Not even once. If nobody was cheating, he probably could have won. But it doesn’t matter.

Don’t cheat.


I think Lance Armstrong said that when he didn’t dope he came third in the Tour de France… and he was probably up against doping.

From the studies in cycling and athletics, it seems doping can bring talented top 10 or top 20 sports-people in their fields up to the top two or three or secure dominance for those at the very top.

Of course, in many professional sports, being the number one player is worth waaaaaay more than being a top 20 player. Those top few rankings places are worth exponentially more $$$$$$$ and much prestige.


I’m pretty sure that he did do that legitimately and the achievement has been duplicated a number of times since then by various people so it’s clearly achievable. But then he started cheating… and kept on doing it… and doing it… and it’s just that now it’s caught up with him.


No, his third place was in 2009. It broke his streak of seven wins in a row while he was doping.

Like I said, doping can make a top 5 sportsperson number one or dominant. You already need to be one of the top players for doping to push you over the edge.


I wasn’t replying to you there.



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Go Belgium! Go Belgium! Ban M:tG booster packs also! The physical kind!







Stardew Valley multiplayer in public beta now?


Waiting until not in beta then starting new farms with anyone who wants in.