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I’m in. I’ve been trying to get something like this going for a while. The best I’ve gotten is a Remote Desktop from iOS.






I just want to commend XBox on their Adaptive Controller initiative.


Seconded. Accessability for entertainment is one of my pet issues, and they’ve done a really good job here. I’m genuinely impressed.


I am trying to replay Mario Odyssey and came to a conclusion. The controls (for me) suck. In Super Mario 64 I could chain wall jumps and long jumps to make the environment my playground, however for whatever reason I just fail at cap jumps, leaving me with a basic move set making the area in the middle of the game next to impossible to traverse. Anyone get this impression?


Nope! Try playing it in handheld mode or make sure your TV doesn’t have a delay.


“I think I have brought industrial farming to Stardew Valley.” I glanced at her laptop to see what she was talking about and felt like Neo as Morpheus showed him the vast human battery-farms beneath the blotted-out sky. Within Stardew’s cute, 16-bit pixel art, she had created a terrifying machine in which her character was the pivotal cog.

She had more money in her first year than I had ever seen in the game. Her character, she admitted, routinely passed out somewhere within Stardew Valley as she dropped from exhaustion. It was, she said, more cost effective to eat the medical costs in order to hit her daily production targets.





Give us money and we’ll let you click on Satan some more.


I mean, you could say that about any game with a mouse. No, just sub out satan for whatever you click on in the game. Not even limited to things with mice.

Carcassone: Give us money and we’ll give you cardboard to place.


The clicking in Diablo traditionally has not involved much thought or skill. Carcassonne you have to make a decision as to where/how to place that cardboard.

Show me someone who is better at Diablo than another player after they both have a lot of playtime under their belts.


I’m pretty sure there are Diablo speedrunners, and in there some are probably better than others. Also Diablo is game based on character builds and that’s something some people are better at constructing than others (and then there are the majority who just google “diablo build [class]”).


I don’t know enough about the game to say whether one player of the game is better than another player. I played through it once after it came out and couldn’t be bothered to find out what the deal was with the DLC.

I can say that in Diablo2 there was a definite skill in the pvp game. I’m not sure if that’s back in this title though.


Challenge rifts are always played with the exact same gear and character as some other player ran through a dungeon with the past week. Some players seem to come out on top of those leaderboards more than others. Some can’t even do it some weeks. It’s certainly imperfect, but I think you could easily see how some players are better at solving that problem than others within a finite amount of time. In theory a bot could probably out-perform everyone obviously.


This extra credits episode both is very good and very bad. Either they are purposely trying to point out why people do not play competitive and how to fix it. Or they miss the ENTIRE POINT of competitive FPS.