Video Game Hype Thread





Super Metroid is dethroned. I’m calling it. This is the greatest video game to ever exist. I should sell everything I own and buy one.


I had a mouse kinda like that. I was gonna link it but I don’t remember wtf it was called.


That seems like it accomplishes a similar thing at least.


The tutorial makes it very clear what’s going on. I like it!

Moving the feet seems to be much more like dancing than just putting your feet in the right places, like DDR.


DDR is basically obsolete now.


I think that’s been the case since Just Dance became a thing. Up to six-player co-op with whole-body tracking rather than just foot tapping, I’m down for that.


I clicked on this thread with that exact device. Despite looks, though, It’s not also a mouse. It’s just a more-or-less stationary piece of plastic with the one trackball in it.


Ah. I just googled cad mice figuring there’s something (there are a lot of things).


I’m not sure if you still can, but you used to be able to get mice with a little magnifying glass and a crosshair in, and it was offset in hardware so that it would take cues from pointer position from the crosshair, rather than the actual position of the sensor. It was for digitizing flat designs for CAD processes(like embroidery, two-axis CNC milling, etc) in the days before scanners or CAD software that could interpret or import images were commonly available.


Did we know it has time travel? Sign me up for this game.


This looks really good, and I’m interesting in anything buy the people who made FTL.

That being said, I would love something like this that has a bit more meat on its bones. I wish SquareEnix would make another Front Mission or something similar. Final Fantasy Tactics + Mechs = WIN.


The last couple of Super Robot Wars games for the PS4 are not region locked and have English language built into the game.


I didn’t know that. Are they turn-based or real-time?


Turn-based. It’s flashier than Front Mission since they’re Giant Robot Anime-based. The OG series ended up getting it’s own anime. 1st season is harder to find and isn’t as good as the 2nd season (which is on Crunchyroll), there were a couple of games in between the amine and the current game, but the game has a “Story thus far mode”.


I didn’t know that. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve even heard of this series before, so thanks for letting me know about it! I’ll definitely check it out!

It looks cool, but ideally, I’d like something a little more “realistic” in terms of mech combat. More Gasaraki than Gundam, but in this genre, beggars can’t be choosers.


Battletech will be out on Steam in a couple of months. It’s firmly in the “Hard Sci-Fi but with Giant Robots” camp.


Into the Breach is pretty good. Definitely going to put some hours into this. One win and several several losses so far.


Anyone have experience with Attack of the Earthlings here?

It looks bloody brilliant.


This looks pretty sweet. Some kind of Metroidvania, but YOU are the Alien.


Torn looks like a pretty good VR game.