Video Game Hype Thread


The thread to hype up all the games that are new/coming soon.

Check out this craziness:


hehe, I feel like when I first experience VR, this needs to be the way I do so.


It was supposed to come out 4 years ago, but I am still hyped



I recently found my old drive loaded with old doujin games. There were some fun weekends with friends on these old French Bread games.

Then I learn this came out, and my weekend is off to a great start.


In case Zachtronics games weren’t hardcore enough for you:


I already did that… as an undergrad.


For us it was a team project and I got away with other people doing most of the wooooork.

Power of… playing Counter-Strike instead!

Also, can you still do it today? I could, but it would be haaard, time consuming, and not fun.


When RIT switched to semesters they expanded the EE Digital Systems II lab to be “design/implement a microprocessor” (no teams). Then right after I finished the class they decided it was too hard and dumbed it way down :/


How did semesters end up going? I walked in 2013 meaning I actually had to meet with a counselor and prove I was on track to graduate before the switch. After me there was the summer quarter and then, BAM the first semester. I heard from friends it was chaotic but manageable. Didn’t hear anything about courses getting harder or easier though.


I don’t think it would be too hard. It doesn’t look like you have to worry about time or power constraints. The annoying part would depend on how many ALU operations are required. And they hand you a test framework!


It took a bit for them to figure things out. Some classes got expanded with the extra time, while other classes got merged. Some people got screwed by year-long classes sequences like physics or calculus where you were potentially left redoing 5 weeks of work because the new classes divided the material differently.

In general I liked having fewer classes at a time and focusing on them more intensely. Also they added a +/- system which makes it harder to game the grading system.


I usually only took 12 credit hours a quarter. I did 16 a few times, and 18 once.


Heh, so all in all not so bad unless you were a freshman, where most year long class commitments lied.

My parents got mad if they found me taking anything less than 16, I took 20 once and 24 once, 24 resulted in several failures and almost got me kicked out of the school. Pace yourselves kids. Actually enjoy college, don’t crash and burn.


I got away with 12 because I was so far ahead on credit hours I could have graduated a full year early if I’d wanted to.


Lucky bastard. If I took 12 credit hours a quarter, I probably could have skipped a bunch more than I did and maintained a 3.8+ As it stood I couldn’t skip all that often and barely held on to a 3.1ish. Glad I don’t have to put that on resumes anymore.


Yeah it was only a problem for freshman like me and all my friends.


I made a microprocessor last year in my digital systems class, which had you design all of the individual components by yourself, then having you write an essay explaining and proving why it worked, which I found to be really helpful in learning the material.

The final consisted of putting everything together and explaining how it worked to the Professor. I enjoyed the class, it was pretty interesting to learn.



Discovered this at PAX South, and did the tutorial on the flight home. So far it is LEGIT.