Video Game Hype Thread




Which MechWarrior is best?

I’ve played 2, 2: Mercenaries, and 3, so those are my only frame of reference.


I don’t know, but 2 played a major part in my upbringing.


I’m pretty down for this - Mechwarrior online Plays very well as a mechwarrior game, but it’s crippled by serious F2P bullshit. Having a full-price game instead of a super stingy F2P implementation of that idea from the same devs might actually work out pretty well.


Bandits are hostile, repeat bandits are hostile.


Civ VI expansion tomorrow.


The F2P sucks, but what really killed the game for me was how Mouse and Keyboard was the only way to play the game and the Joystick support was terrible.

I played Mechwarrior 3 with a really nice HOTAS setup and I had fun with that. MWO it’s mouse aiming or GTFO. Also I love playing the Mechwarrior pods at MAGFest, but those thing are nearly 25 years old at this point.

Star Citizen (Which is a whole other thread), resulted in a company thinking that maybe we should put a trackball on the joystick which is a really clever idea.


Yes, but having tried to play that game with a joystick like basically every other flight sim in existence, I can’t help but think maybe the reason is because nobody involved in the implementation of joystick controls in that game had ever, even vaguely, had any concept of flight, flight controls, or the fact that humans have fewer than four arms.


There’s a disconnect. Because it’s all virtual, things can move as fast as a mouse can move. When the reality is things like turrets are limited by how fast the mechanics involved move.



I never thought about this.

The advantage of a mouse is that it has almost unlimited high precision movement along two axes.

Imagine an fps. The character is surrounded by a sphere. With a mouse, the player can aim and fire at any point on the surface of the sphere, regardless of where they are currently aiming. They will be limited only by the mouse sensitivity settings and their own skill.

With a joystick or gamepad analog stick, there is a maximum. The stick eventually hits the edge. This means that all movements are relative to the current position. The fastest aim can be changed is based on the software. How fast is it programmed to move when the stick is moved all the way to the edge.

This is fundamental fact is the primary reason that fps on PC are superior and higher skill cap compare to console.

Yet, I had never before considered that the latter could be superior in terms of simulation of reality. Of course your 'mech can only rotate its torso at a maximum of X speed. Therefore, the torso twist controls should be calibrated to perfectly match this mechanical movement.

It may be better to play such a reality-simulating game without a mouse, even if it is an FPS. Maybe even on a console (if you have enough buttons).


No, I mean literally, the implementation of joystick controls in that game - a flight sim! - is just utter rubbish. Like, scrap the whole thing and carefully re-think it because that shit ain’t being salvaged kind of rubbish.

Well, yeah. And there are other reasons why mouse control might not be appropriate, besides in-game speed - like, for example, method of movement. If an FPS, you’re pointing at a part of a sphere. With a flying game like Elite, it’s more like you’re on a rail, and you’re bending the rail you follow so that it points where you want to be going, which doesn’t work so well with a mouse. A racing game, you’re trying to only move only along a straight line, and return to an exact center.

And of course, games of those types that allow it, often just use the mouse for things like headlook, which is pretty much your typical sphere-pointing exercise.


That’s just disappointing, here’s hoping the hire someone who’s worked on Flight Sim hardware.


It really is. It’s the first flight game I’ve ever seen where it’s legitimately best played on a keyboard and mouse.

It came up in a discussion I was having on one of the discords I’m in, a little while back - The difference between RSI and Frontier Developments, is that RSI didn’t spend years as a For-hire studio, so while their goals are lofty, they keep screwing up basic development stuff, like worrying about if your game actually has complete and reasonable controls, before worrying about putting in space legs, or hiring mark Hamil for your single player mode.


Unrelated note, if someone has a current coupon code for Hearts of Iron IV for Steam let me know. It looks really interesting take on WWII.


Speaking of joysticks and such:



That’s going to either be weirdly useful but still relatively niche, or absolutely fucking dire. And having used a few weird joystick versions over time(like the little, almost identical analog stick on my macro pad), I’m leaning towards absolutely fucking dire.


(without loosing accuracy)

Tapping the “can’t spellcheck” market? Check.


The thumbstick I can see, but the “internal joystick” seems like a fucking annoying time, and the grip they’re using for that in the demo is pretty bad. It’s also weird to me that they’ve still got their hand on wasd in like minecraft… half the point of having a thumbstick on the mouse to me is just so you can one-hand the whole game. Using the thumb to jump, if I see that right, seems fucking stupid unless we’re talking about some kind of game with dynamic jumping.

I use a g600, and it’s totally justified for me in mmo games. I might at some point get a “gaming” device with a thumbstick for my left hand because it gives you more control that WASD.

Edit: Just got down to their “team” page and I don’t see anyone there listed in any kind of technical role for this. Also $30,000 launch minimum with that much staff for a hardware product? I’m extremely doubtful.


The one flaw of the Marantz PMD-660 is the nested volume knobs. Channel one and channel two are controled by a knob that can be spun together, or spun individually for each channel.

It has, shall we say, UX issues…