Video Game Hype Thread


Valve is making a digital card game designed by Richard Garfield:


You had me at Richard Garfield


That game has been coming soon for awhile now.


I was more interested in the fact that Valve has an actual game coming. I honestly had written them off to being a distributor only from now on.


The fact that they were making the game is old news. The fact that it is actually coming soon is very new news.

I already decided when I heard about it that I’m going in on it. We’ll see if it can beat Hearthstone or not. I’m thinking not because it will probably lack mobile and iPad clients.




Frostpunk (From the “This War of Mine” developers) has a release date of April 24th.




Inferno Cop the game


Post your high scores

Me: 10




The first time I played I got a 1 because I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Then I got a 10

Then I got a 6

Then I gave up.


But how many cops did you kill? :sweat_smile:



This looks a LOT like Recettear


I was hyped about Anthem when i saw it’s announce video, but seeing the extremely shady bullshit EA and several other “AAA” game companies have pulled this year with loot boxes and micro transactions, and that several of the big creative names that were originally behind the game, I’m extremely skeptical that this game will even make it to release. If it does, there’s speculation that it will just be another Destiny/Destiny 2 train wreck that ends up being loot boxes masquerading as a game.


Aside from the 25th anniversary of Myst (see the Kickstarter thread), Cyan also has a new VR game coming out soon.




Konami really seems to be falling into videogame irrelevance, at least outside of mobile and pachinko games.

I’d love a remake, it doesn’t even have to be HD but that would be amazing, of the various Nintendo handheld Castlevanias.