Video Game Hype Thread


He’s the milkman, and his milk is delicious! What more do you need to know?


Switch: Breath of the Wild.

Felt so little like a Zelda game I jumped back to Link to the Past just to play something more plot direct. Not nearly as much fun to play as it is to look at.


If you are hoping to get a mini classic snes, you might be in luck. It looks like Nintendo is keeping his promise.


It’s closer to what Zelda I was supposed to be than probably any other Zelda game. I and II were both heavily driven by exploration and dispersed goals. Most areas were locked not by items, but by skill/risk/danger. III onward was kind of a swerve.

It’s the Rickest Rick. :wink:


If you want to play a Street of Rage or a Final Fight type game, this is supposedly the best one out there.


The more footage of over the garden wall the game I see, the more impressed I am. Fricking amazing art.



I mean, it can’t be good, because it’s a licensed property.

But Over the Garden Wall…



Ghosts of the Precursors

I am on-board. On-board the Vindicator that is.

I was sort of paying attention to Star Control: Origins, but Ford and Reiche are what I really wanted.



Star Control: Origins

This looks very good. The ship designer looks like they cribbed it from Galactic Civilizations, which I always liked more than the ship combat.


Anthem might be a Destiny-killer if it’s any good. It looks promising, but I’m not getting my hopes up yet.


I preordered this, it looks good!


The game I’m most looking forward to is the same game we played twice in February with more scenes added to it:






This just came out. Hmmmm