Video Game Hype Thread

Saw that yesterday. I’ve see companies add and remove DRM and other controversial things before, but this is the fastest turnaround time I can remember.

I wonder if the massive review bombs on Steam and the apparently not-small number of refunds were a factor.

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Could be hype, could be trash.

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Is this finally the return of TIE Fighter? It’s first person, so it’s not Rogue Squadron. We won’t have any gameplay footage for a couple more days, so it could still be a huge disappointment. But everything we know so far is good news. It will supposedly have multiplayer, single player, VR support, and HOTAS/joystick support is confirmed. I heard a rumor that only first person view is allowed in multiplayer. I also heard that it has the feature where you are shifting your energy between different systems, just like TIE Fighter.

We’ll just have to see if this is the real deal, or trash. I’m honestly very worried because EA. Will it be some pay to win, DLC, microtransaction trash ruining everything?


I"m cautious but excited.

All I want is TIE Fighter but while wearing my VR headseat and holding onto my HOTAS.


In the meantime, have you played House of the Dying Sun? While it’s not TIE Fighter, it’s a pretty good space sim and it has VR:

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Following some big shakeups in their corporate structure over there, I’m guardedly optimistic.

Not microtransactions apparently, but not a good sign either:

everything will be “earned solely through gameplay.”

How about no “earning”, and I get everything I paid for when I bought the game? Give me TOPACE5.


New Pokemon Snap coming to Switch! Original was so nice and peaceful.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker looks so cool, and as a huge fan of Homeworld, I love the aesthetics:

“And yet, despite the bleakness of the situation, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as breaking a ship apart. There’s something supremely Zen about floating in zero-g, slicing along the bolted seams of a derelict wreck as you harvest its insides. It’s like shucking a husk of corn, if there were a chance the corn could explode in your face. Witnessing a massive starship crumble to pieces as it’s torn apart from the inside out with a couple of meticulously placed gravity tethers, it’s hard to not marvel at the accomplishment and feel like the most powerful person in the universe — if only for a moment.”

I hope they make a VR version of this game.

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I’ve heard a few people talk about this and it reminded me I saw an ad the other day for a more terrestrial based shipbreaking game that seemed both very cheap and yet way too detailed for what must be a very very niche audience. I guess there’s a lot of interest out there for recycling things.

Edit: Found the video I’d seen. Yeah seems like it could be vaporware but someone spent at least some time making a trailer so who knows.

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The only two complaints I have so far is that every ship you’re breaking down in the career mode has a hard 15 minute timer, and then it force-drops you back in the Hab. If the work order was timed, fair enough, but I just wish I could take my time more in breaking down the rest of the ship after the work order is done, rather than running(or floating) about like a chicken with it’s head off, trying to complete the task I’m on. And it’s not like they stop you taking apart the ship overall - you can take as many 15 minute chunks as you like(though they will go towards your debt), it’s just a pain that it interrupts you that regularly.

The other complaint is much simpler - the tool degradation is a little TOO fast, I think, and could be dialed back a bit, my tools sometimes barely last for two ships before I need to add more repair packs to my debt.

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Yeah, that, and who doesn’t like to also just destroy things occasionally? I think this game speaks to the part of us that wants to build a big detailed sand castle, and then later on, just kicks the thing down in a big cloud of sand.

That a valid criticism. I think the game has the hard 15 minute time limit to create tension and cause you to speed up, increasing the risk to yourself.

It is dumb that you can take multiple 15 minute “runs,” but it still interrupts you.

Exactly! I would entirely understand if, say, you had the “Days” listed on the work order to get as much as you could, forcing you to move fast and take risks, and each day was a 15-20 minute chunk, you actually had a hard limit. But it doesn’t, and honestly, the penalty for taking extra days - presuming you finished the work order - isn’t that big, so it’s just an annoying interruption rather than creating time pressure. I’ll literally finish a shift early if I’m down to the wire, rather than rush a dangerous job, because it costs me less to take an extra day(as long as I’ve still got time on my work order) than it does to die and have a new flash-cloned body.

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That is really dumb. The game is still in Early Access though, right? So hopefully they tweak it and make some changes based on feedback.

Yeah, for sure. It’s very early days, yet, so doubtless some tweaking, polishing and balancing to come, even aside from the stuff they’re hoping to add.

Admittedly, I was kind of shocked by the install size, even though it makes sense when you think about it - I think it was only a 2 or 3 gig download? That’s crazy small for a game that looks that good.

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Wow! That really is a small installation size. I really surprised that the game is only $19.99. That seems way to low for a non-indie game.

Ive been following it for awhile and picked it up yesterday for Early Access. Having a lot of fun so far.

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Gameplay trailer. Looks good, not exactly like X-Wing or TIE Fighter, but consider me cautiously optimistic. Plus, they said there’s going to be a VR mode!