Video Game Hype Thread


I’m not 100% sure I actually finished the first one, but I didn’t even play the second or third.


The more I look at this Mario Rabbids game, I’m actually pretty into it. The fact that it’s some sort of X-Com RPG seems pretty awesome. So if it actually has some depth I can see it being pretty good.


This is the best announcement this year at E3.


Yes, this is really happening.


Behold the Kickmen is a “100% accurate” football simulation game.


It’s not a real Atari product though. Atari has been dead for years s and just a label Infogrames/Hasbro slaps on old IPs that were created by Atari.


It is going to be a new ouya with the Atari label stuck onto it. Add this to the like of things people will be disappointed for in the next 2 years (after the kickstarter happens)


That is also true.


New SWERY65 game is going to be revealed fully for crowd funding on fig at PAX West on Saturday.

The leaked press release stuff is a Hot Fuzz/The Wicker Man type English villiage setting with a Twin Peaks type mystery (Going back to the Deadly Premonition grounds.) With maybe an animal crossing type debt mechanic making you stay there.

OH and everyone turns into cats at night.



This game looks tribes-y

Will anyone play it?

I think I’m going to play the Amazon game when the time comes.


Has anyone tried Absolver yet? I’m not usually into (mostly) online only multiplayer games, but this looks pretty cool. I’ve always liked the idea of fighting games like Street Fighter, but never really wanted to invest the time to get really good at them, plus the controls were always so complicated.

Absolver seems to solve this by only having two different buttons to press to attack, but what kind of attack you do changes depending on the stance you’re in. I also like the idea of being able to custom tailor my moves list.


I’ve not tried it but I definitely will. It has a few things going for it in my view.

  1. It’s gorgeous, that art is lovely
  2. Masks, I personally love masks, the majority of my welding projects have been masks.
  3. The fighting is very stylized and beautiful I want to do it.
  4. I’ve been able to identify 2 actual fighting styles with just my novice understanding of styles.

General impression: feelin’ it.


Yeah, everything about this game, from the aesthetics, to the character designs, to the fluidity of the combat and just how gorgeous the characters looks in their fighting styles really impresses me. Plus, it’s only $29.99 instead of the normal $60.


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Huh, I didn’t know he was making an actual videogame. I know his background was in Street Fighter, and I own Yomi, his card-based fighting game, but never heard of this. Thanks!


I played it with Rym at PAX South. The only reason I haven’t played it since is because the only way to get the game is to back it on Patreon for $10/month.


Sirlin has always been pretty nontraditional when it comes to pricing and selling his games, to put it mildly. While it looks cool, at the moment, I think I’m more interested in Absolver. Like I wrote above, I just love the aesthetics and the ability to customize your “combat deck” or whatever it’s called.


There has been few free beta weekends of Fantasy Strike, and might be more later. To be fair, I tried it and didn’t like it as much as Rising Thunder which was similar project some time back. But I try to remember to post on the forums, next time I see mention of a free beta weekend or something similar, so people can make their own opinions.


I’m curious how much it has changed since I last played it.