Video Game Hype Thread


Can I play daddy?

Bring 'em on!


I wish I had beaten The New Order but I lost my save for it when I was toward the end of that game.


I beat it. It had lots of issues. But it was definitely a playable single player fps. Would play sequel at Steam discount rate.


What. The. Fuck.


Quoting myself from elsewhere:

Well, the Ubi conference was surprisingly normal.
Also, Beyond Good and Evil 2, noice
"Hey, what are the most beloved parts of the Assassin’s creed series?" “Ezio?” “Yeah, but we already made three games out of that, what else?” “uhhh…The ships in Black flag, and the shanties.” "GREAT! Make that a game right now."
On the mad and bad side though - Ubisoft presents Skylanders with the serial numbers filed off, Scorpion from Mortal combat cosplaying as daft punk, Bland south park tripe, bland south park tripe on mobile.


I kinda wonder if BGAE 2 is going to be worth it at this point. Even going back to the previous game not super long ago I kinda felt like it was a bit lackluster in today’s market. Even at the time of it being new it was a bit of a hidden gem because it wasn’t doing anything spectacularly well, it was just a pretty decent game that had Zelda-ish combat.


Some superb games are coming out this year and by the start of next year! Anthem is by far my most favorite one. Covers all the aspect that I ever wanted in a Open Dynamic settings!

Sony however, disappointed me this year. Nothing new. Just already told titles. We knew about them already!


Which one topped the list for you guys? I don’t see much hype here about E3 this year! Why!?!!?


[quote=“BenTheHonor, post:68, topic:255, full:true”]
Which one topped the list for you guys? I don’t see much hype here about E3 this year! Why!?!!?
[/quote]Well, we’re often a somewhat cautious bunch. And there’s some things I’m pretty hype for, I’m just kind of still getting my thoughts in order post-press conference hype, and catching up on all the details before I really say anything of substance.


This is how to win E3


Anthem looks like it has potential to be good but that video was the most vertical of slices. I would be surprised if the game looked or ran anything like that. Also it didn’t give a good sense of what you would actually be doing from what I saw. Also BioWare has never made a good 3rd person shoot before. MEs combat always felt pretty average compared to the story or setting or anything.






That Mario trailer was pretty choice.


Rocket League will get a LOT more play on Switch (assuming local multiplayer works).

That assumption is not a safe one however…


When the Zelda DLC comes out (June 30!) I will go back to Hyrule and beat it.


Yeah I was gonna say I’ll probably jump back in on Rocket League for Switch. That would be a great platform to play on. I’m also interested in the Switch Pokémon. I’m thinking it’ll be later next year but it’s nice to know that they’re actually working on one.


2.5D Metroid for 3DS



Show tunes for all video game trailers from now on:



I need to finish Metroid Prime 2.


Actually, that was the only part of this I didn’t like. The tune is fine, but the lyrics are cringe-worthy.