Video Game Hype Thread


They buried the lede. CS:GO is also free now.


Eh, it’s been free since August or September, they just took the No Online restriction off. Possibly because someone at Valve realized “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t stop people from playing online multiplayer in the free version of this Online Multiplayer game because that’s fucking stupid, and the “watch streams with it!” idea was dumb because external streaming sites exist already.”


It’s actually pretty good. There’s a variety of objectives. If it was scaled up to PUBG size, that would be awesome.


:heavy_check_mark:Daren Korb OST
:heavy_check_mark:Greek Mythology


Got selected into the Anthem closed alpha. Interesting!


I think everyone with a Origin account did, me and all my friends got one too.


So that epic store is now live…so far not bad, waiting for the free games to come in.





This could actually be good news for Artifact. If people aren’t interested in playing, then the prices of rare cards on the market will be low. That means it will actually be affordable to get a full set of cards. Of course, there’s also another problem. If player base is low, less total packs have been opened,and even less crds are available in the market. Even rare cards will be too rare. There may not be enough copies in existence for all pro players to have them.This can make prices high even when the demand is low because supply is ridiculously low.

Also, new Hearthstone expansion came out.


You had me at SuperGiant. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!






BELOW is a game that has been delayed for five years. It was going to be published as a launch title for Xbox One, but it kept getting pushed back since the developer decided to publish it themselves rather than let Microsoft handle it.

It’s now out today. Get it on Steam.



Oh wow. Occasionally I think about if that game was cancelled.



Hey Anthem people: without breaking NDAs, can you tell me how things are shaping up? I’ve been following it and have very, very cautious optimism for it being fun for me.