Video Game Hype Thread


Haha! Not exactly helping your argument there.

But I’m honestly asking how they’re different? Does Civ VI do something different from the Endless series that warrants me buying it?

I’ve never tried playing Endless multiplayer. I’m not big on playing those types of games multiplayer in general, so that doesn’t really appeal to me.


Civ V especially is designed to be more of a board game, endless has a lot more “story” random BS. Which is why it works better as a multiplayer game which is primarily how we play it these days.


Yeah. If it was me and all you humans, I would play it very differently.



Man, Big Hero no 6 and Wreck it Raph…


Every time I read about the differences between Civ V and VI, I always circie back to: “Why don’t I just play Endless Legend instead?” While not completely identical, Endless legend has a similar City-Building style. It’s not made for Multiplayer, but that really isn’t a requirement for me.

In other news:

I kind of wish the SRW games would get away from Cross Ange though. It’s a really ugly series, and I don’t mean that in a visual way.


So in other news,

Valve’s Artifact game… escaped today. …Yay?


Sadly Dead on Arrival. If only they had a different payment model, it would be my number one game right now. Instead I’m paying attention to the new Hearthstone expansion.


Been a lot of hype around keyforge, Not a videogame I know but still.


For sure. I really want to play it, but I refuse to engage in this awful business model.


Well after several month of sub-par sales and low population, expect a rework of the monetization scheme, along with rolling of several heads.


Acquired a free Artifact key, tried it a little.

Honestly even the CCG business model aside, it’s just not that interesting mechanically. Most cards don’t “do cool things” outside of a very narrow possibility space. While it’s not versus, Slay the Spire even makes better use of the card game framework to come up with interesting gameplay.

Haven’t played Hearthstone so I can’t compare. There’s probably an element of nostalgia here, but when I think of the good ol’ days of MtG I remember how many rule breaking/changing cards there were. Artifact by comparison is just …bland.


Hearthstone is the exact opposite. The cards are just so ridiculous. Check out this card from the upcoming expansion:

Competitive serious Hearthstone players who want a game where skill and decisions made in-game are what determines victory do not like Hearthstone. Also, Hearthstone is extremely accessible and easy. People in the community often refer to it only half-jokingly as “children’s card game.”

Games like Artifact and Gwent I think are a direct response to Hearthstone. They’re trying to say "ok, you want a game where it’s about skill and not random zaniness and the game is hard? Ok, here is a boring, complicated, less random card game for you.


Some of Artifact I don’t quite understand. Mostly the trash creeps and how they choose to attack heroes. It seems random? Maybe it’s not but the game hasn’t explained it.


Judging Artifact having only seen 1 screenshot of it, I can say it looks like a boring game.


How can it be boring if you play three games at the same time in it?

Honestly, as a person who is too stupid to even play card game with one table, I’m not even considering trying Artifact.


So basically my 1080 is a pile of garbage :sweat_smile:


I’m not even sure why but I’m really looking forward for Smash Ultimate coming out this week, and I’ve been quite hyped for a while. Sure I have fond memories of playing Melee and Brawl with friends back in the day, but I wouldn’t say there is anything special in the series for me. And now I just want my hands on that bundle of fan service. I guess Nintendo pr has succeeded on their job, at leas on my part.




That’s a bit too late to the game, but I’ll be interested to see what they bring to the table.