Video Game Hype Thread


It’s beautiful! The parts that need work are either obviously things that will get fixed or labelled as such. There are certain design decision that seemed super non-intuitive at first, but once I got used to them it made playing so much more liberating, all while keeping the weight and power-trip of riding a mech. I’m super interested in it, but will probably wait a bit before fully purchasing.


Flying controls are absolutely fucking pants though. I mean, it’s not like there’s any way Adam could contact me without it being in public, so yeah, I’ll leave it at “Enthusiastic, but will probably wait before I buy for more reasons than just price”


I’m in the “Wait and see” category as well. Destiny turned me off after a lackluster initial release and DLC that screwed players. Destiny 2 was also a train wreck on release, and only after Forsaken was released, then given to me for free, then all DLC being offered for $29.99 on sale did I spend any money on it. I feel it was worth the price now, but the absurd cost of the game up to this point had I not waited would have been enraging.

I’m hoping Anthem gives Destiny a run for it’s money and doesn’t do a lot of the DLC/season pass nonsense Destiny has, or at least if they do, they do it better. Destiny/Destiny 2 has proven to be a money grab that pissed off a lot of their community, and water any good will twords Forsaken. And it shouldn’t have taken that long to make it a real sequel.

I’ll remain cautiously optimistic for Anthem.


Uh, according to who? It was pretty damned good on release. The worst you could say about it is that the first expansion was a bit thin. Launch reviews were great, the community loved it, the game worked well in basically every aspect - it was basically as good of a launch as any AAA title could ask for.

It’s not impossible, but it’s also not a sure bet. Like, maybe a 30% shot - being optimistic - unless they make some big, big changes. Right now, it looks more like The Division turned out to be. If only there was some way you could get in touch for a more complete review.

(Edit - and to be clear, I liked The Division, but a Destiny killer it was not.)

Yeah, no. That’s complete horseshit. They’ve outright reduced the amount of microtransactions(For example, you can now trivially re-aquire anything you’ve picked up ever, including shaders, rather than having to grind for or buy re-rolls), killed the XP throttling in favor of an XP boost, basically doubled the amount of content, given away large amount of content that in D1 and in season one of d2 were locked behind paywalls, gave actual reasons to go back and replay prior content, introduced an entire new game mode that is almost universally loved. They’ve even made a point of changing how their passes work, to give more content away to existing players without buy-in.

And come on, man, you’ve seen enough gaming communities on the internet to realize that they’re almost always full of people who walk through the garden of Eden complaining about the lackluster phone reception. The only exception from that crowd I can think of was Jim Sterling - who instead did his usual hyperbole, and rode about a half a hair away from just outright lying, if only in some parts because he made a mistake, rather than intending to deceive.

And those that remain are…less good. For example, there’s a very loud minority of players who will say anything to drag D2(including almost reasonable sounding, but ultimately made up complaints), because they think that the Devs have gone “Full SJW” because they do things like removing a decal from an armor peice because it looked like the Alt-right Kekistan flag, or that they’re pissed about Hawthorne(who they think is an SJW character because she’s a woman with skin darker than a sheet of A4), or raving about made up rumors that cayde’s replacement is going to be “An SJW-pandering character.”


Don’t forget that Hawthorne is totes sjw because she was raised by a gay couple. /s e_e

I’m loving D2 but I only touch the community when I need a guide to one of the hidden unlocks.


If I could give a recommendation for one of the nicer parts of the community, there’s a youtuber called “My Name is Byf”, who does lovely, well researched and well thought out deep dives into Destiny Lore, and is generally a sweet and thoughtful chap with a genuine love of the game that shines through in every one of his videos.


I’ve come around in D2. My opinion is that it’s a good game NOW. It shouldn’t have cost any player what it has from release to today. Currently, it’s definitely worth $60.

I also agree that the changes were very good. The reacquiring gear, etc. The plot is still missing some key explanations and has major holes (You find a shard, EVERYONE JUST GO THERE.) but that’s a minor grievance.

I also enjoyed The Division, and agree it wasn’t a Destiny killer at all, and had it’s problems as well. It was still, in my opinion, more worth the money spent than the original Destiny was. I’m still pissed that I spend upwards on $100 on Destiny, and every DLC made things worse until Taken King. And by then I was over spending on DLC that just nuked all my hard work.

Destiny 2 has taken a better approach, albeit way late, and it’s now certainly better than Destiny and Destiny 2’s initial release.

Also, no reviewer I read or watch has had anything derisive to say about inclusion or “SJWs” ruining anything. You know me better than that. :wink:


I think maybe part of my positivity with D2 is that it was the first time I played destiny - I didn’t have any experience with the ways D1 sucked and then had to improve, I got to come to the game that had already learned all those lessons.

As for The Division, funnily enough, I spent about a hundred on that game, after finishing the base game and then buying the season pass because I wanted more of that, and then more of that never really came. The best thing they released was the PvE randomized mode in the train tunnels(hey, it’s a game set in New York, how can you not) even if it rapidly got stale due to lack of variety in missions/environments and the survival mode was okay. The Darkzone rapidly became just a shitfight of griefers and hackers, despite the clever concept, and became deeply not fun. The PvP modes they introduced sucked ass. The matchmaking was awful - I’d never find a game without waiting 15 minutes just to MAYBE get a match, and that only got worse as time went on and the playerbase dropped off.

Sorry, I kind of half-finished my point there - I didn’t really complete my point that they’re also the source of a lot of reasonable sounding(but often ultimately nonsense) complaints that make their way through the community, because they’re pulling the same old trick of “Semi-reasonable premise A, therefore all these people also support us on absolutely batshit complaint Y.”

Also, I don’t know if you’re keeping up with the news or caught the queen’s court on the appropriate week(I think last week?), but crazy shit just happened and I am fukken jazzed to see where it goes.


Anthem has been completely off my radar ever since I read that it was an always online mmo similar to Destiny. I preordered Destiny and two of the expansion packs, played the game for about a week or so, and never bothered playing it again, or trying the expansions when they were released. Destiny was the last game I will ever preorder.

I was hoping for a game similar to Borderlands 2, but more scifi and more epic. I was hoping for a multiplayer Mass Effect, an RPG that I could play with my friends, but instead I got an MMO shooter with no discernible plot and the same mission type over and over again. I will readily admit that from a gameplay perspective, Destiny feels amazing. But it’s not the type of game that I enjoy.

When Bungie/Activision basically gave away Destiny 2 for every system imaginable, I downloaded it for PC and tried it out. It feels just as good as the first one, maybe even better, but it’s still, at heart, a mmo FPS, something that I don’t really enjoy. I play it about once a week with some college buddies, but I doubt it will hold my attention for long or that I’ll even get to the Taken King content.

I’ve come to the conclusion that, with the rare exception, multiplayer FPS games just aren’t for me. It doesn’t matter how good they are, I just don’t enjoy them and am bored by them. Overwatch, Tribes, Quake, whatever are all “good” games, they’re just not games that I enjoy. If it’s a FPS that’s more of an adventure or exploration game with a strong single player experience, like Metroid Prime or Bioshock, I’ll enjoy it, but random FPS game without a strong story? I’ll pass. The only multiplayer FPS that wasn’t single player that I really enjoyed was Left 4 Dead, and that was probably because it was a cooperative mission-based FPS, rather than a competitive one. I loved the mission-based objectives of L4D and playing with my friends.

I love the world of Overwatch. I love the characters and aesthetics of Overwatch. I just don’t enjoy the game. If Blizzard released an Overwatch game where you pick a hero and actually had to go on a mission, a la L4D, I would probably buy that in a second. But random capture the flag missions? Deathmatch? No thanks. I’m especially tired of MMO aspects in games, of having to complete the same missions over and over and over again, just for better loot.

If Anthem is more like Destiny than Borderlands 2, I’m going to bounce off it hard and I probably won’t even bother picking it up. The death of the single player campaign, the requirement for multiplayer, and the chase for more revenue, loot boxes, and whatever else, has been a terrible trend in gaming, at least from my perspective.


Yeah, you might want to really wait on Anthem to see how it goes. It’s not an MMO FPS, but it’s definitely an MMO loot shooter.


Steam is having a Giant Australian Developer sale right now, there’s some fucking good stuff.

Standouts include: Hollow Knight, Armello, Forts, Anti-chamber, Crawl, Submerged, Assault Android Cactus, Stone (Anthro stoner Noir), Gunbombers, Sickness, Party Golf, Rush, American Dream, Screencheat, Kingspray, Tomboys need love too, Need To Know, and many more.


Crawl is at a price that I will buy it and attempt to play it.


Apparently there’s this DotA thing called auto chess that is a big deal now. I think I’ll try it tomorrow.


I’m so ready for this game. To me Metro took the formula that made Half-Life great and kept that world alive. Glad we’re getting a third one. And chose this trailer since I gotta play it in the native tongue with subs, of course.


This is a game that has been in development for the past few years, but I didn’t know about until just now when one of the folks I support on Patreon started backing this game:

Bird Empire

To my knowledge, they haven’t launched a Kickstarter and are instead depending on Patreon to help with funds for their game. It would be nice if they received as much support as possible.


Bird sprites sounds fantastic.


Important for tomorrow




As soon as the DRM is gone and the price goes down.