Video Game Hype Thread


That tweet-thread taught me that Neil Cicierega, name I only learned with last year’s Mouth Moods, made that song. And was directly or indirectly responsible of so much more of my earlier Internet enjoyment of old flash stuff. Actually amazed.


We’ve been tooting the Neil Cicierega horn for years. Glad to see it finally reached your ear-hole. Emmy Cicierega is also incredibly talented and awesome. That family has the genes yo.


They truly are the Memewalkers.



I like this meme


Got in the Torchlight Frontier Alpha this weekend, and I got nothing better to do that mindlessly click on shit. Take THAT Fallout 76 and Diablo and whatever else.


Overwatch still keeps me deep in.

Overwatch is life.


Ashe is fucking lit. I was tearing it up with her in QP just now, good stuff.


This has me cautiously hype:


Still one of the best game intros there ever was. Lots of DOS CD-ROM games had great ones. A lost art.


I miss Westwood Studios games.



I played after some of the updates since the earlier big expansion, and the experience is much streamlined. Now I am able to deal with dark age stuff effectively.


Where is VI in comparison to V right now?


Maybe now the AI can use airplanes???


It’s way fancier, but is a very different game. Unlike any prior Civ. There’s so much going on, I still can’t really build any good directional heuristics.

If Civ VI just had some GMR, I would stop playing Civ V.


One expansion from being good hahaha.


After Civ V, I switched from Firaxis games to the Endless series (Endless Legends, Endless Space 2, etc), by Amplitude Studios, and haven’t looked back.

Maybe I’ll pick up Civ VI eventually, but I doubt it. I’m just having too much fun in Amplitude’s yard.


They are wildly different games. I love the Endless series but it’s a different game than Civ.

Also you get to miss out on our great GMR Civ 5 games.

reminds me Rym we need to start another one.


They’re both 4x games. Yes, the Endless series focuses more on narrative, but they scratch the same itch.

How are they really different?


Endless is harder to pull off multiplayer with haha.