Video Game Hype Thread


I guess this goes here but I am unsure:

Publications have been putting out articles about how Rockstar has been doing 100-hour work weeks to finish Red Dead Redemption 2, and I am fucking aghast about how basically every single one of those articles are putting it as “dedication to the craft” and other such BS. All I see is a studio that absolutely failed in planning, works its employees to the bone and is overall terrible for the games industry.

Maybe RDR2 is a nice game. Maybe I’d like it too, considering I enjoyed the first one. I am certain as shit not ever going to buy it.


Sadly if that’s the stance you take regarding crunch, you pretty much should stop buying anything but indie games. Crunch is how pretty much all big time studios do game development under pressure from the publisher who is under pressure from investors - the shit is rolling downhill. It sucks, it’s a shit way of doing things and it needs to end but really the only practical way that will happen is with unionization. Boycotts just make publishers think “No one wanted this game so we won’t make more like it.” and turn the teams to making mobile gacha drek or just fire everyone. Boycotts are useless in the modern world where your consumer base is international and it’s impossible to get enough people to care.


I didn’t call for a boycott. I simply voiced my personal buying decision regarding that game. Yes, unionization needs to happen, but I don’t work in the games industry and this is basically all that is left to me: whether I buy a game created under extremely shitty work practices or not.


In order to avoid hypocrisy when boycotting I would have to boycott all of capitalism and live off the land in the woods. But even then, I’d have to buy the land which is in itself wrong because the land belongs to native Americans and also is wrong in that it violates the idea that land should not even be ownable.

So I gave up and buy everything on Amazon, and most of it is probably made in bad places. The money probalby goes to bad people who have employees who are working in bad conditions.


Yeah, panfried is dangerously close to Mister Gotcha here.


In a similar vein, from what I’ve seen on Youtube the new Star Control game is pretty good considering how shitty Stardock has been to the original creators, and how obnoxious Brad is.

I’m not planning on buying it anytime soon, but it they ever mark it down 70+% on a steam sale, it would be extremely tempting. I could always give the remainder to the original creators Legal Defense Fund.


Are we talking like 100 hour weeks for like 2 weeks while getting paid double time, or like “that’s our company culture” burn out your workers and then mass layoff on project completion so a suit gets a bonus?


Far from it. I’m not calling anyone out as a hypocrite or trying to hit people with a gotcha - literally everyone on this board, in whole world even is a hypocrite, myself included. I’m saying your choice of protest isn’t going to change anything. There will never be enough people who know and care enough about the issues with any particular company’s practices that not buying their products will hurt them much. If you go to Joey Joe Joe bro gamer and tell him Rockstar did this he’s not gonna know about it or care and Joey Joe Joe is the majority of people buying that game. Most gamers aren’t geeks who pay attention to the industry like we do.


Pro tip: the more you know about the I dustry the less you want to support it. Only buy indie titles right away or games from teams that you are willing a fan of.


Is it good? Only way to know is to get your friend to buy it and then play.


Can confirm it is good


I mean, anything that’s got new questions for YDKJ is good for my group.


I’ll get it. I’m basically the Keeper of the Jackbox for the extended FRC when it comes to gatherings and MAGFest hotel shenanigans.


The rapping game looked fun.


Jeez! PP5 is out already? PP4 only just came out one year ago.
Looks like Jackbox is cranking production into overdrive.


The true trickle down economy.


For $10/ month discord allows you to play the games in their store.


Start this at the 9 minute mark


For the first time in over a decade, Taiko Drum Master is available legally on a US home console. And it’s not some butchered port, either; the song list is the same as the JP songlist.


im only a little sorry