Video Game Hype Thread


Oh this sounds interesting. A cyberpunk thing and hearing about it on the forum. I’ll bite.


I saw no such doubling down, just a lukewarm apology. There was only joke directed towards transgender, another sounds like some bizarre GamerGate tweet which doesn’t make any sense.


In case you want to see how to do trailer.


re: Battle chef brigade

If you got the game free as part of the twitch prime special it auto-upgraded to the Deluxe version.


I liked Spelunky, but I never got BIG into it like I know some people are.

Spelunky 2 is coming out. Demo playable at PAX this weekend.


There was a period where I was pretty into it but it only lasted like a week and I never actually beat it in any capacity.





This shit has me rather worried about artifact (larger thread beyond the link):


Goose Game stole the show at PAX West. Check out this commentary with the creators:




A review of the hip-hop Noir detective game, STONE, that includes about 15 minutes of narrated gameplay.