Video Game Hype Thread





As if there weren’t already enough vidja games to play, this one I kickstarted is fully out now.


Does anyone care about Fallout 76? I can’t decide if I do.


I can’t lie. The trailer got me hype. It was maybe the most Fallout thing I’ve ever seen. I really like the aesthetic inside the vaults with all the retro styling and such. I actually am not that into the post apocalyptic world outside the vault.

That being said, the word on the street is that this is an online multiplayer survival game. Think something like DayZ, but Fallout. That could be great, or could be awful. I’ll have to see.


I play fallout games long after the hype anyway. I’ll be taking the same approach I’ve taken with the last 3 Fallout games. Wait like a year after it comes out, then buy it cheap and enjoy the bajeezus out of it.


Fallout4 still not cheap and complete enough.


I mean, it’s complete. There will be no more fallout 4 content released ever.

Cheap, I guess, I sorta agree, but I managed to nab the base game on a really good sale and the dlcs on less good but still pretty good sales, like 60 and 40% respectively.

Though I’ve actually never played the actual game and instead have modded it in a overarching way such that makes it extremely difficult and removes almost all the npcs and quests. Replacing it all with a game of the modders design.


This game is designed for my girlfriend, she is way into arc and connan and this is that to a t.


Yes, but it isn’t like “get the game and all the DLCs for < $20” complete.


No it’s not that good, but if you follow in my footsteps it’s like get the game and all the DLC for ~$40, in multiple purchases. It all depends on how much ya wanna play.

I’m a pretty big fan of the series so for me the desire to play was pretty damn high.


Moderate hype. It’s a part of the fallout world we’ve not seen before, before a lot of stuff we take as a given - for example, if we assume the dates in the trailer are correct(and they would line up with a control vault opening), it’s almost entirely pre-super mutants, with the only Mutants still confined to the small area around Mariposa military base. The Brotherhood is only 30 years old at that point, and I’m pretty sure still being run by the original Markson, and is still in it’s early days. There’s not even a Shady Sands, yet.


I’m not hype at all. Fallout is cool in concept but Bethesda’s execution leaves so much to be desired. When a game needs fanmade mods to fix crippling bugs the studio never addresses, there is something wrong with how you develop games. I’ll also never understand the attitude of Bethesda fans that the rampant collision and physics bugs are a hilarious “feature.”


For me Fallout is one of those titles that I wait until “Game of the Year” Edition comes out and is on sale. The last Fallout game I played was 3 and that was because it took place in DC.

I’ve heard great things about New Vegas, but I just wasn’t ready for that kind of time sink.


I agree with you on the physics bugs except that I once used a Fat Man on a Supermutant Behemoth that was in a cage in Fallout 3. The cage kept him from going in any direction but up, so he flew into the air like Wile E Coyote.


What ruined the previous fallout games for me was honestly Breath of the Wild. Any even remotely open world that doesn’t have that level of polish just can’t capture my attention.


Heh, still haven’t played it. I’m still able to enjoy subpar open worlds. Silver lining, I guess.


TBH I find it amusing when people say they’ll wait for the GOTY edition because, lets be real, if you’re desire to play a game is that lukewarm what are the chances you will even continue to play the game after beating it. And what are the chances you’ll even finish the game.


Some people live on a budget.


That’s an odd sentiment. Someone not wanting to get into single player game as soon as it’s out and being willing to wait a while for more complete experience, won’t have motivation to finish up the game? Sure, I barely finish any games, so I’m not best to talk. But unless you are really big fan of something and want to be in the second one and take part it the conversation when it’s hot, why not wait. Why buy game today when you know you get more of it for better price tomorrow?