Video Game Hype Thread


Ah, I did a little bit of digging and there are a couple of magical girl shows that got pachinko machines, including Nanoha and something called Prism Nana which I have never heard of but was apparently and OVA by SHAFT.


I actually really like Serious Sam. It’s the kind of game you buy, play once, beat, and then never play again. Yet, it’s a ton of fun. It’s a lot like Dynasty Warriors, only an fps.




I played the Eva one at Magfest for a donation to AbleGamers. A whole bunch of things were spinning and animations were triggering and I had no fucking idea what was going on.


If you need another Zachtronics-ish programming game right now here is one that is made by some company called 4BitGames.


I’ve seen them called Zachlikes.


Zach with the pro move getting his name in the genre. I can’t think of any single other person to get that treatment, not even Side Meier.


Lol, that’s like the laziest identifier.


Has anyone checked out Midair yet? It sounds like a good time, but some of the steam reviews were complaining about the controls:


Hi-Rez Studios’ Lawyers, probably.


Risk of Rain 2 is going to be 3D???


Yeah I was gonna say that was an interesting choice. Maybe not one I would make but I’m interested.



Now we can find out if it’s real, or if it’s just a glorified Simon game like the DS one.


So, not sure if there are many flight sim fans here, but DCS is about to have two new modules released and I’m SUPER FUCKING HYPED.

First is the F/A-18C which is about to be released imminently. It’s just stunning, and carrier operations is going to be blast

Second, is the F-14A/B, with fully functional multiplayer two-seat. This means you and a friend can live your full on Top Gun dreams as pilot + RIO. If you just fly yourself, they are also implementing an AI RIO that will perform all the functions for you.


How about flight “sims”? Ace Combat 7 should be getting an announcement aaaany day now.


Psh, I require at least a pre-flight checklist and start up procedure for me to even be remotely interested.


I loooove Ace Combat, but I do want to try something like DCS world. Would probably need a better PC though. And a HOTAS


MAY 30!!


Feh. I had that on the Atari 7800