UK Political Clusterfuck 2017


Because the house of commons is a complete shambles. It’s neither representative nor functioning with competent MPs.

Nothing constructive ever happens.

The government still isn’t doing anything on climate change or air quality. But apparently are now, NOW is the time they’re investing in Africa. The continent. While this is not a bad thing, as far as I can tell, it’s the Conservative party trying to show they’re actually being proactive and pragmatic. Completely superficial.

They’re so far from beginning to address any key issues.


Welcome to what we’ve been experiencing in the USA for at least the past 10 years.


Is this just a potential problem with the more populist “lower houses” in government? It seems reasonable that that the more egalitarian and local nature of those bodies seems would make them more fractious and prone to dysfunction.


Even without Brexit, MPs have long been incompetent. Or at least competent in a very specific area (which is obviously acceptable, because things can operate with competent people with their correct responsibilities).

The situation is so bad that it requires everyone to be competent across more sectors. Which is literally asking for too much at this point.

The only hope is to convince more of the public to pressure their MPs against moving ahead with Brexit.

Which is difficult, because mostly idiots voted for this shit.


I guess, in a sense that’s the plague of the modern world. You want things to be better but like half-ish of people are real numbskulls and… well I guess I’ll be as polite and charitable as possible for no reason and say, disagree on the way to make things better, or disagree on what better IS.


The problem is the problem.

They’re idiots because the government fail to invest in education.

Idiots vote for policies that will actively make their own lives worst.

Everyone suffers.

New generation of idiots arrive to make things even worst.

Repeat till something breaks, then break it a few more times after to be sure.



Britain is expected to secede March 29.


I promise you guys, no matter how many awesome people you may know or may meet in the UK, it’s in actuality full of morons.

Every brexit campaign was 100% anti-immigration.

Anyone who says otherwise is either knows the truth and are telling straight up lies or have completely no idea what the EU is, but are fully nationalistic and think it sounds like a great idea anyway.

Even if Brexit is cancelled, the entire country is full of people who can be easily mislead to believe anything.


Fixed that for you.


Harlan Ellison said it best when he said, “The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.”


Could the last one out please lock the door.


So at this point, is the UK just doing Brexit because May is being stubborn? It seems like no one who is serious actually wants to do this.


There are plenty of crazies in the government that want to see an extreme brexit. Theresa May is meant to represent the compromise Brexit where we set up a trade deal and have a relationship.

If the situation comes up in the future when we do a deal with the EU or an EU country there will still be a faction saying “We did brexit because we shouldn’t need the rely on Europe!”



In other news, I’m just about to drive to the Burgeramt to hand in my application for dual German/British citizenship. It’s a massive pain in the arse, but I can’t rely on British politicians looking out for my best interests, so I’m doing what I can to make my life smoother in the future.

I understand the timing of this appointment couldn’t be weighted with more foreboding.



So is the government going to collapse or what? Twitter seems to think it will.


As far as I understand, if 48 Conservative MPs send a letter like this, the gears really start turning. Apparently there are already 48 submitted, but will only be “deployed” on the say so of the letter writer. So it’s like a bomb about to go off as soon as everyone wants to step forward at the same time.

I understand that this could happen by the time I hit the “Reply” button.


I hate to think what will happen if they do. I’m not super up on the intricacies of UK politics but my understanding is the MPs who want to vote no confidence are the ones who want a hard break from the EU and they’ll put in someone as PM who will go for that?