UK Political Clusterfuck 2017



But the Comservatives don’t have a parliamentary majority. They are in a coalition with the DUP, a Northern Irish party that is right wing but also not-Pro brexit.

If May is out, no matter who triggers the vote, it’s going to be really tricky for an even more pro-Brexit leader to get in.

But it’s all weird. Very hard to predict what’ll happen this afternoon, let alone in the next few months which could be new elections or another yes/no referendum on no-deal brexit or whatever.


“ The conventional wisdom at Westminster is that Brexiter Tory MPs have nowhere near the numbers they need (158) to defeat Theresa May in a confidence vote. But ITV’s Robert Peston thinks the anti-May vote would be higher than expected.”


I’m really hoping for a second vote with the option to remain. They’ve tried and failed. The vote was fraudulent. The madness needs to end.


It should never have been a vote in the first place.


Stupid question:

In the US Constitution seceding is not allowed. Why doesn’t the EU just also make a rule such that seceding is not allowed? Once you are in, you’re in. I think they could get enough votes to pass that, no? Then it’s like, sorry UK. You’re stuck now. No Brexit for you.


“Article 50 author Lord Kerr: I didn’t have UK in mind
The EU’s divorce clause was designed amid concerns about a ‘dictatorial regime.’”


Depends on how hard it would be to pass such a resolution. Also the EU is even more of an alliance of sovereign states than the US was at the time of the Constitutions ratification. I think anything of that sort would require new treaties to be ratified and, of course, a state that didn’t want to have that limitation would choose not to ratify the appropriate treaty.


Tell me if I’ve got this right: actual brexit people don’t have a majority. So they had to ally with other conservatives who don’t really care, are just conservative. Given this lack of leverage, the deal negotiated with the EU is bad for people who want maximum brexit (and relatively good for bremain people?).

Prime minister is medium brexit, so all the crazy super brexit ministers are resigning en masse because the brexit deal isn’t brexit-to-the-max enough?


It’s hard to hit on all the points of three years of political machinations, but you’re on the right track.

Hardline Brexiteers will never be happy with any compromise. Everyone else will be unhappy with anything. It’s a compromise between shit and shit, with people who want to eat less shit trying to please the people who want everyone to eat more shit.


I hold out hope that Brexit just fails entirely and no one has to eat shit.

Instead the pro-shit-eaters will get their vegetables whether they like it or not.


Well, May and many of her other pro-brexit allies, yeah, partially. Also partially because Corbyn is providing little to no resistance as the leader of the opposition, because he’s been pro-Brexit(albeit, not the same kind of hard Brexit that May and her allies are pushing for) since before “Brexit” was even the popular term.

Just the other day to Der Speigel, when asked if he would stop Brexit if he could, he basically dodged the question(because the answer would be “No”, and that’s not a popular answer with his voting base), and claimed that you can’t stop Brexit, you just need to listen to and acknowledge the reasons people voted to leave.


I have a feeling that some form of Brexit will happen.

We’ll be in the EU, but not really. Imports/ exports will come and go as usual, but, more expensive because the £ will be shit currency.

We’ll be forced to adopt Bitcoin :joy: or the Euro as our currency, to survive having left…

Only, the Euro won’t be worth what the Euro is worth in the UK, because the Euro has it’s own problems. (Greece, 2008)







Brexit is truly the own-goal of the century.


We haven’t even left yet…

For the people who aggressively want it to happen, the idea of consequences hasn’t sunken in.