UK Political Clusterfuck 2017


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I’m assuming they think they can win this time?


Considering how broken the political system is, no one wins.

There’s no guarantee there’ll even be a vote on the deal. Even if there is and we can vote to remain in the EU, there’s no undoing the damage that has been done since the initial referendum.

Until this government removes itself, there’s no hope to repair/ reform/ rebuild any damage done to the UK.

House of commons still isn’t representative, the house of Lords members still aren’t elected, we still have a fucking monarchy!!


File under Brexit:


My eyes were drawn straight to the fucks and I thought this was about the USA until I got to the bottom and scrolled back up.

EDIT: This whole thread is a about the UK, I got drunk at a work networking party please ugnore me.



I made a piece of propaganda.


Both Johnson and Davis have buggered off.


My read:

Brexit is (obviously) a disastrous mistake, pushed by idiotic performative “protest” votes and Russian interference.

Most of its government proponents didn’t actually want it to happen. They’re using the excuse that “it’s not a hard enough exit” to reclaim their protest credentials while simultaneously sabotaging the entire effort.

So, they pushed for it expecting to reap the rewards of being the aggrieved minority telling it like it is or whatever nonsense once it failed. It succeeded, and they realized they were completely screwed. They need a way to both appear super hardline pro-Brexit while not actually being tied to the actual Brexit-as-it-stands-thus-far.

A “weak” Brexit hurts Britain’s economy, but also gives them the line of “well of course: it wasn’t a real exit!” An entirely failed Brexit gives them the “WE SPEAK FOR THE PEOPLE WHO WERE BETRAYED BY THE GOVERNMENT WARGARBLE.” The worst possible thing that could happen to the pro-Brexiters is an actual Brexit.

I’m curious how the EU would react to a shifted government and an attempt to walk the whole thing back.


They would be fine with it. France and Germany both said a no-Brexit would be accepted. Nobody actually wants this to happen, even the banks in Germany that would benefit the most. Because, and they are totally open about this, it doesn’t matter who gets the most pie if everyone is getting less pie than before.


Propaganda tip - Always put a differently coloured outline around your text. Black and white are usually the defaults.





So Vote leave unquestionably cheated.


Remain won.



Given how dodgy the first one was, why isn’t there more support for a second referendum?