UK Political Clusterfuck 2017


I just read an intesting thread on twitter that I wasn’t really ware of:

The TL;DR of it is this: Because the of a major corruption scandal perpetrated by the DUP, Northern Ireland currently doesn’t really have a government. The DUP (far-right, wants Northern Ireland to remain a part of the UK) was in charge, but their party leader had to resign as head of government after the scandal, but refused to resign as party leader. The other major party in Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin (left wing, wants a united Ireland), made forming a new government conditional on her resigning. This has become a stalemate that has now dragged on for three months and should be resolved with the help of the UK government, but considering that now is formally aligned with the DUP there is no reason for SF to trust their judgement.


There is a storify of it which is slightly easier to read compared with the twitter thread:

Also I just been told of this:



In what world would May even consider staying in the EU? She totally should, but that would go against most of her party’s wishes, her stated agenda, and the prior vote.


The prior vote was non-binding, and people voted on bad information and intensional bullshit. If there are massive consequences to a MASSIVE mistake by people in the past, it’s totally okay to decide to fix the mistake.

If literally anyone else but May would be prime minister in the future, it would be super easy for the UK to back down from Brexit. Unfortunately, while it seems like that would be in the best interest of everyone, the people in power (May and the minority of Conservatives who want Brexit to happen) see their best interest served by her to staying in charge.


Exactly. It isn’t that it couldn’t or shouldn’t happen. It is that it won’t as long as the Conservatives are in power, particularly with May at their helm.


Today’s the day of the Queen’s Speech and I’ve got no idea what to expect. BBC’s news is simplistic to the point of uselessness. Channel 4’s website is shit. The “bad” newspapers all have their own agenda. The “good” newspapers might just be an echo chamber for my own views rather than actual news. And specialist publications go in depths and directions that seem so specific that the big picture is neglected.

This is one of the problems that is disengaging the electorate.

So I guess I’ll wait for the speech…



I am glad to see this story pop up because George Osborne has been revealing things from last year that May was saying the opposite:

I think what is happening because of the reduced parliamentary power she has but the 5 year cut off is still pretty weak opening offer on this issue.



“Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away.”

Look they have said that this deal would break the Good Friday agreement. All I am hoping for is the Scottish Conservatives revolt causing another general election. I have some hope on that because of Ruth Davidson.



Other than trying to keep some modicum of good will with the EU, what is stopping the UK from just figuratively saying “peace out we’re not paying you shit and you can all suck eggs, we don’t recognize any of your authority anymore.”


If the UK leaves hard and defaults, they ruin their sovereign credit rating, possibly fatally.

They lose any access to global markets instantly. Treaties brokered through the EU are dead.

Utter disaster.


Brexit = Economic suicide



Not quite Brexit-related, but still relevant to UK politics.