UK Political Clusterfuck 2017


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse - the thing I was the most afraid was going to happen is actually being campaigned on. Darth May is campaigning on breaking human rights laws the number one reason I voted to remain a part of the EU so that the government has some oversight from the European Court of Human Rights.


“Human rights laws get in the way” Jesus fucking christ. wtf.


A more readable version of Plumpy’s rant


I was talking to my brother about this and we both agreed a year ago we wouldn’t have given Corbyn the time of day. But good god the crap that May is coming out with anything is better. Its depressing that we are in the situation of lesser of two evils but jeez if May stays in then there is really no good reason for me to go back to the UK.


Pretty much this. I have never voted Labour in my life up to this point and I am far from a fan of Corbyn, but somehow the Tories are talking me in to it…


Well, when your choices are shit sandwich and suicide pill, I’ll be right there asking if it’s got butter on the bread every time.


I was in the position, after Brexit bullshit, of seriously considering applying for German citizenship. For many reasons I’d prefer to just be British and live here, but who knows what options I’ll have in the future.

Then this election was called, and now it’s what’s going to decide it for me.
A. If there’s a blowout for the Conservative, I’ll start the German-becoming process right away.
B. If it’s Labour, I’ll leave it longer, see what happens over the next year.
C. If it’s a hung parliament… well… fuck. I dunno.

May staying in power is the surest sign I’m starting the dual citizenship process as soon as next Monday.


Twitter sharing stinks link takes you to an awesome video.


A youtuber I give money too has released his Election 2017 video which has the best explanation of the last two years of UK politics:


Was expecting Jay Foreman, got HBomb, still good.


Well it is 5am, I am still up watching the last 70 seats to declare and it is a hung parliament so here is looking towards what is going to come up the next few days - If May is going to stand down and if the Labour Party is going to blame Corbyn despite how well the Labour Party did.

Amber Rudd may be losing her seat with multiple recounts being reported there and Nick Clegg was finally put out of his misery for being in power in 2010-2015.


I wonder how it will taste.


So can someone tell me what exactly the result means? The Tories are still holding a plurality, but they lost a double the number of seats that Theresa May was worried about (she said losing six seats means that Corbyn would become PM and the lost 12). At the very least I am very happy with the youth turnout and their voting pattern, but are the Tories now still in charge or how does this work out? I understand that it is a hung parliament but can it be resolved with a coalition or what are the potential next steps?


According to some of the people I’ve talked to, it seems likely that the Conservatives will enter a coaltion with the North Irish Union Party and maintain control of the government, but it’ll be much more difficult for them to govern and it’s fairly likely that May will lose leadership of the party.


It means there will probably be another election next year. Not sure the DUP is going to help too much with the biggest Brexit problems that might come up.


I’m reading up on the DUP. Jesus fucking christ what is wrong with these people?


A young person from work literally decided to vote Conservative at the polling station, because it was “a safe bet”.


Does anyone else see the irony of the attempts to discredit Corbyn by suggesting he sympathised with terrorists during the troubles only for the Conservatives to immediately negotiate with the DUP who opposed the Good Friday Agreement?

That’s a problem. The conservatives keep rolling the dice, Cameron’s EU referendum followed by May’s early election and now quick informal deal with the DUP…

Edit: Overall I’m optimistic about the result because Jeremy Corbyn has been tested and tempered in this election and made himself into an image to be feared. The Conservatives grip has been significantly weakened which is much more in balance than before. Governments need their opposition and that’s what Corbyn’s Labour party had failed at but I reckon they can do much better now as the infighting has stopped and the attack’s Corbyn has received can no longer be repeated.


I agree with your read. I also think that a part of the change is a shift from “centrists” to either not vote conservative or actually vote labour, stemming from the high visibility of how everything has gone down so far in the US.


The whole DUP joining the tories is really unpredictable. The whole what Brexit means for northern Ireland is still a big point of negotiations and the whole devolved powers situation and how that basically means there is less gay rights or no abortion rights over in Northern Ireland.

With the DUP deal I am more certain that that May is continue to be Prime Minister until whenever the next election is called. The fact the Tories want to along with taking away human rights, regulating the internet and banning encryption are also planning on removing the Fixed Term parliament act what I am expecting is that if they don’t get too much trouble they will call an election around April of 2019 just after Brexit negotiation end but before the effects of their “no deal” are felt by the nation.