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Finally finished writing my capstone paper. Time for bed (and citation check in the morning).



So this channel that acts out Garfield strips is nearly 10 years old…

and it quietly stirs from its slumber.


This is just a stunning advertisement.


Sorry, that was a commercial?


Yes, it’s a commercial in the form of a movie trailer. Quite brilliant.


I have I inadvertently gave MAGFest it’s April fool’s joke this year…


Senator Dastyari spitting hot hot fire in the Hansard.



What Door-To-Door Preachers Are Saying About You Before You Open The Door:


Warren Ellis writing Castlevania animated series for Netflix.




Early Warner Bros. are weird. None of the characters were well established, and their style would change by director. Something like that seems like Avery would have done it. They were all trained by Ub Iwerks, who felt that Disney had cornered the market on children’s cartoons and had a focus on adult humored animation. Iwerks’ ComiColor studio went out of business, in part because of his humane treatment of his animators and in part because the market he was geared towards didn’t exist, but when Iwerks sold the business his team stayed together onto the Warner Brothers label, with Iwerks himself directing three cartoons for them before leaving to become an engineer at Disney. Warner was able to curtail the most inappropriate jokes, but the sick sensibility that Ub had given them was never fully purged.




I think these kids have been featured here before but I really like Crazy Train




Kudos to you good sir, Kudos.