Things of Your Day


Best resignation letter ever


Next Crash Course series is on computer science!





Who wouldn’t want to bone to the finest jizz known to man?


I plead the fifth. And possibly the rest, depending.

I will say I am disappointed that it’s doesn’t show up in my list as “Mad about Me” by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes.


I am glad Ginuwine’s Pony made the bone-town list.



This is going here rather than the Trump thread, because this Lede is definitely the #1 thing of my day today.


I really dug their Crash Course Philosophy that just ended, I’m not going to get as much out of this one, but I look forward to it!


New NSP video is surprisingly SFW (by their standards, still probably NSFW for everyone else)


I saw a haiku today that was really relevant to this 2008 R2 box I was retiring.

It’s not DNS
There’s no way it’s DNS
It was DNS



Tiny Trump


Yoko Taro is a national treasure.



Truly a sport of kings.


In ten minutes:

SoaceX Falcon 9 launch with first ever daytime landing on the first stage at the landing pad. Could be pretty spectacular.



Oh, are they landing on one of the drone ships? The ones named after culture minds?