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Looks like a working hypothesis at the moment, I can’t find the published paper to work out if USA Today if USA today is presenting the author’s opinion versus his findings or his hypothesis.

Newspapers need to reference more appropriately or maybe I’ve been trained to read and write papers with references to a fault.


They link to the paper right at the end:

Calling it a “lost continent” seems quite misleading; apparently Mauritia is the term for a microcontinent and/or a bunch of continental fragments. Their Figure 1 is worth a look:



For those who played Twilight Princess someone else finally investigated the best part of the game.


Having enjoyed many 3am servo pies, definitely blow on that fucking pie. He’s not kidding, that shit will burn you from top to tail like a pastry crust on hot lava.


I think I ignored further links because the earlier links lead to meaningless content.
As I assumed, this academic or his University is trying to get attention with hyped up headlines which are, as you have stated, misleading.

Yeah I learned from my first Mrs Mac’s pie in primary school, I indeed had a thermonuclear pie. Holy shit I’ve almost forgotten when I would have a laugh with police officers back in the day. I remember when 2 turned up on my door step when some kid broke in while I was sleeping and stole my electric tooth brush (without the charger), we were laughing for half the time. I didn’t even call it in, one of my neighbours noted someone jumping my back fence when I lived in Sydney.
These days they’re mostly all so fucking uptight.


[quote=“sK0pe, post:128, topic:36”]
These days they’re mostly all so fucking uptight.
[/quote]True that. I mean, I get that their job is to uphold law and order and there’s many situations where they really don’t fuck about, but Jesus Christ lighten up fellas. I’ve rarely met a cop who wasn’t a dour bastard.



Video embedded in that Tweet. Watch it!


That is amazing and I want it.


Oh dear. Do Fox employees collectively not have access to a dictionary or are they pronouncing Trump a fascist and proud of it?


Trump supporters aren’t the brightest set of minds. They punch themselves in the face all day long, and are too dumb to notice. Ignorance is bliss.



Forever lock has been upgraded.


This entire twitter account has just been a delight.


Who wants to be second is a video collection of different European countries welcoming Trump in his own words.



Little backstory on this one. There is a show on Cartoon Network called Gumball that is popular with kids. My girlfriend’s kid loves the show and watches it all the time. Also true there is a show in China called Mircle Star which effectively is coping everything from Gumball from character design, plot elements, and animation style.

Gumball is aware of this and dedicated an entire episode addressing this in the most humorous way possible. Here is the conclusion of that episode.