Things of Your Day


Behold, the most precious channel on youtube!


lol that was my favorite song as a kid
gero is pretty hard to say <3


It’s too catchy. That song has been stuck in my head all day.





I sing it to my kids two with the gestures. Its so sweet.

This reminds me of the old Pen15 club that I was conned into joining.


This is the one I remember my mother would sing to me as a baby:

Sadly no version on that channel, but that makes sense.


Nothing better than animators collaborating to reanimate old cartoon episodes.


I got to play Minecraft with the CIOB.


That first clip of you had me blinking on your behalf.


Shield of Farts has knockback and causes flee.



Some of the illustrations from the 1976 Soviet edition of the Hobbit.

Edit: By the power of reddit, more illustrations.



I like that they took hairy feet and no shoes and ramped it up to woolly legs and no pants.


There is an awesome albino humpback whale named Migaloo who migrates past the Queensland coast every year. It is adorable watching the news get excited every time he comes by.


I saw Migaloo a while back, up in Harvey bay. An extraordinarily pretty animal. There’s also a cafe there called Migaloo’s cafe, but I’ve not been there.


Rising CO2 levels are turning plants into junk food:

“The public health implications of global climate change are difficult to predict, and we expect many surprises,” the researchers wrote. “The finding that raising atmospheric CO2 lowers the nutritional value of C3 crops is one such surprise that we can now better predict and prepare for.”

“Across nearly 130 varieties of plants and more than 15,000 samples collected from experiments over the past three decades, the overall concentration of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and iron had dropped by 8 percent on average. The ratio of carbohydrates to minerals was going up. The plants, like the algae, were becoming junk food.”



I almost forgot what accursed day today be