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Ok so this is a Zelda 3 item and location randomizer race that contains one of the most back and forth moments I have seen in a while.


Great interview with Henry Rollins. And spicy wings of course.


I expect it may have been posted before, but this video is vitally important:

When you watch it, make every effort not to simply dismiss what it’s saying offhand just because it contradicts your intuitions. Take the contents seriously, and consider the implications rationally, using reason, logic, and empiricism.



I think some people on here know about the Sonic Boom cartoon and how it’s brand of self-referencing humor clips, but here is one where they reference a subject of debate and conflict while still making it a joke.


More specifically, he is salty that furries are doing a halfway decent job at excluding Nazis from furry spaces.

It’s exactly what you think it is. There are even insufferable multi-heading blog posts from other individuals about the dangers of community rules that exclude Nazis from furry spaces. Hell, this might be the first thing FA has done right in years.


Cool video of stuff reaching its threshold:

#874 Max Landis is a gift.


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Did the video just get deleted minutes after you linked it?


It’s working fine for me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I know I’ve seen this before, but it’s still really interesting. Two of my favorite mangakas talking to each other about their craft: Asano Inio (Solanin) and Naoki Urasawa (Monster)


Games I will never play, but I’ll write fan-fiction about.


Every time I read one of these articles about EVE, it always seems so awesome and amazing to play. I finally broke down and tried it about a year or two ago… and then deleted it from my hard drive about 5 hours later.


It seems like if you want to get anything out of EVE other than just grinding by mining asteroids and stuff, you need to join an established corp that will provide you with feed money and equipment, like Goonswarm. Otherwise, it’s probably one of the grindiest MMOs out there.

And even then it may not quite be your cup of tea.


EVE Online: Spreadsheets in Space


So, when we reach some kind of post-scarcity type of economy and many people don’t have real jobs we will likely get a lot more people willing to invest their labor into the virtual worlds that will be popping up and so it won’t be so fringe a person who can devote real time into a game like EVE. And many more games like EVE to choose from.

But it’ll still be interesting to see how it works out when the worlds collide. That never gets old. Now, it’s that something monumental happened in the game that caused some internet articles to write about it.

In 50 years will a stock market dip in some common game be reported by mainstream news same as if it were the Nasdaq?


Although I hate it as a player and generally, I think that the underlying grindiness is part of what gives weight to those EVE stories. When big space war results into stations and huge megaships being destroyed that’s probably hundreds if not more hours of someone’s boring grind in asteroid mining being blown up in space. If access to that stuff was trivial losing it would mean little, but the underlying human effort makes all that stuff valuable, in some sense.