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This past weekend a friend and I hiked The Great Range Traverse, 10 mountains, in 3 days. It was crazy and amazing! I am so sore!


That sounds like much fun. I haven’t gotten out for a multi day this year, yet. Was going to earlier this month in Vermont but got cancelled.



So back at RIT I got to work with the Microsoft Surface. The project I’m talking about is not the laptop you’re thinking of but the thing they now call the PixelSense. This was a microsoft designed and built, basically coffee table of a touchscreen computer.

In school I had to make use of collaborative software engineering principals to make a touchscreen interface to order food. Because that was mad easy I used the spare time to make a grid that was locked in place that you could place different colored dots in with touches. I have no doubt if I still had a surface I’d already be using one of these for my occasional dnd game.

Last I looked the surface was way way way too expensive for something like this.


The link doesn’t work for me at work, but I think this is the video of the giant touchscreen Star Wars game that was a proof of concept. I wanted this so badly.



I want a gaming app that allows you to use several devices, put them together for a table top, or pull them away for private information.



Michaelangelo with the folding chair, fucking rad.



Commercial use of a particle accelerator


I like the idea of this, but I wonder if it’s actually commercially viable. This EEVblog video about it does a decent job of covering concerns.


Just as an idle thought, I wonder why they don’t use a WEDM(Wire Electrical Discharge Machining) method to make the cut? It’s not as fast as a saw, but you can get MUCH thinner than the 0.15mm mentioned in the video, you can get it down to about .02mm, and they’re extraordinarily accurate - like, accurate enough that if you cut a shape in steel, the cut-line is air-tight without sealant.

There’s probably a good reason, but I’m pretty curious as to what it might be. Especially since the EDM-related properties of silicon isn’t exactly a chapter in your usual machinist’s handbooks.


My thing of yesterday



“Most interesting is the fact that the study found that illegal game downloads actually lead to an increase in legal purchases. The report concludes that tactics like video game microtransactions are proving effective in converting illegal users to paying users.”




I passed the bar exam.


Congratulations! I too wanted to be a bartender when I was younger. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside, that’s a great achievement!