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Maybe it’s on Flashpoint?

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XKCD’s What If? book is now being adapted to video on YouTube.

Programming to always win an arcade game.


I love everything about this. Especially that it uses a CD drive motor.

Yesterday, the last 4 members of BTS commenced their military service. Coincident with this their 2017 song Spring Day charted at #1 in 51 countries (iTunes). The fandom is incredible.

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Merry Christmas from our lord and savior, Duke Nukem!


She also just did a great Cali to Chicago amtrak train video!

Wooo I’ve done, most, of this train run! On that train! the California Zephyr! It was in the mind 90s and going the opposite way, but it was super fun!

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BA’s On The Line series behind the scenes for prep for Omakase service at Royal Sushi & Izakaya in Philadelphia.