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I found a thing to fidget with when I get overwhelmed now lol

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Bonus: An intense dive into Casey Neistat

2h 52m!? Has someone made a 10-15 minute highlight reel?

A video about Casey Neistat? Is it 2016 again?

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Due to the conversation style that will be hard to come up with, think of it as three distinct topics (with the ad breaks as the dividers) and work from there.

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Apparently lets you put 5 decimals of precision for your ratings.



I see someone else also listens to SU&SD :smile:

Listen to the CEOs of Nebula and Dropout talking shop about video creation.

Ooo. Knowing just Sam Reich out of those two, I’m mainly interested in that due him being the son of Robert Reich, who is nearly always on point as a labor and union advocate.

Addendum after watching: The talk went how I imagined it would with the direction the questions were aiming for but it is nice to hear them state they’re interest in building a network to enable creators to succeed in a genuine manner rather than the YouTube-type bullshit, plus nice to know they aim for creators to keep full rights to their content.

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5 Second Films is back!

Over the past few years, they’d go on a long hiatus and only come back for…just a week. They might be back for the long haul, though. I look forward to watching this video later, so any comments I make might be addressed in the video.

I’ve been subscribing to Nebula for about a year now. I really like the content and love the lack of algorithmic content promotion and I feel good about being able to support the creators doing good work. Mostly I’ve migrated from watching creators’ videos on YT and watching their videos on Nebula. So there is the issue of discoverability for a new channel/creator. Nebula does have a landing page that features channels, but I rarely go to it. I have my personal feed as my bookmark to go straight to and watch the channels I’m subscribed to.

Also, I don’t know how to best do it, but good creators tend to have reasonably interesting YT comment sections and that is missing on Nebula. It would be nice to have highly moderated video comments as an expandable section below a video, easy to ignore if desired by there if you want it. Basically a forum, similar to this one, with a thread for each video.

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I actually know very little about Nebula but do know fair bit about Dropout (formerly College Humor).

They also don’t have a comment section but do have a Discord for discussion. As much as I’d like a forum like you mentioned, I think that’s a thing of the past now, which makes me feel like an old man for wanting it.

Nebula uses Reddit for it’s comment section, so if you want to do the discussion find the thread there and post away. Basically their approach is to not reinvent the wheel and use the site that just works.


1-bit Great Wave off Kanagawa:


78K likes, 804 comments - Jase ( on Instagram: "Super 8 on a drone

All the footage is genuine film footage shot from an FPV drone.

Big thanks t..."

Instagram thing of the day

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