Things of Your Day

VPR DIY panels. Basically the best sound proofing physics can make.

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Speedrunning burger cooking.

RRLaT is back! If you enjoy speedrunning when a good time is 3+ hours. This one is for you.

Behind the scenes of a movie none of us saw.

Speak for yourself. I definitely saw it. Might have even been in the theater.


So this entire channel is my ToTD. They do really good video essays and worth looking at.

I have been keeping tabs on Arc created by “The Internet Browser Company,” and I think this is pretty cool.

This one is for @SkeleRym.

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Fallout creator Timothy Cain has started his own YouTube channel. He talks about his time working at Interplay and Troika.

An old isometric city builder from the early internet is still up and running.

Cracked has spun off Honest Ads into its own channel.

These are fantastic.

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Magit is pretty great.

The history of or someone explaining how the platform uses marketing to get paid.