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I didn’t know people cared so much about darts. I want to go back to not knowing, however this is kind of wild.

Going to file this under “new to me”

Mike Leach (RIP) talking about student loans

For all the education this guy seems to have had he sure doesn’t sound like much of it got through. Can’t even tell the difference between private collection agencies and the federal government. Had a relatively small student loan of just $45k but couldn’t pay it off for many years even with a big time college football coach salary.

Also blames Carter for student loans when no major laws pertaining to student loans were made at that time. They were started under Eisenhower. Most of what was done was under LBJ. Pell grants, named after Senator Pell, were added under Nixon. Then things stayed pretty much the same until 1992 when they added the FAFSA stuff.

Good thing he stuck to football.

My wife’s one grandmother talks about paying for her college like this in the 50s and its like, you do a dollar adjustment and compare COL for everything else and college was insanely affordable compared to the last 20 years

If you have read my review of the show, you are probably aware that I fucking love Bocchi the Rock. It is seriously contending for my favorite anime of all time, and that is stiff competition. You absolutely should watch it.

However, I have also recently fallen into a hole, as there are a total of three streamers who are doing episode by episode watchalongs that are expanding into multi-hour analyses of the psychological underpinnings of the characters, two of them by psychologists. I think my favorite is by Edgar a.k.a. Psyculturalists who has the uncanny knack of prefiguring the actions of the characters from their mental perspectives, which kind of reflects how well they are written IMHO. There is also EuroBrady, a Narrative Therapist, who does a very similar thing but with a different approach analyzing how the characters view themselves and how that influences their behavior. Finally there is Teeaboo who actually has the best approach by watching the episode through once and then going over it once more with stills and with some more insight toward the artistic approach of the show.

Seriously though, BTR has so many damn layers and is just incredibly well put together.

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Since it isn’t embedding Twitter, I’ll say this is Keanu Reeves before films.


Okay Finally watched the movie, and watched the go scene explained video.

OMG the examples that the guy gives are HORIFFIC, borderline nonsensical. He’s correct with the explanation, however the actual board positions are just … bad.

I’m glad that he mentions that there are moves that are missing, however he calls these “unimportant”. But in a game where we argue over how much the first move advantage is by half a point, two moves is enormous .

However, It also looks like he’s missing two white moves from the board in the movie when the explanation of the final threat that white makes as well.

Don’t trust analysis of hugely complex games to rando youtubers kids!

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So one of the Go YouTubers I watch did a, I guess it’s a reaction video, for the Go explainer video above, and covers pretty much my feelings on the whole video.

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I watched that video a few weeks ago, twice, and loved it for the utter lack of drama involved with an obviously-useful invention and engineering project. It goes against all current algorithmic “content”.

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Tailscale proof of concept works. I am able to connect to my home via VPN to watch my own movies and live OTA tv feed with a good internet connection.


Part time job get: computer person at a library!