Things of Your Day

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Powergen did it better!

I learned that uses The Tree:

Invitation Tree

The full user tree is public and each user’s profile shows who invited them. This provides some degree of accountability and helps identify voting rings.
The quickest way to receive an invitation is to talk to someone you recognize from the site.

Yeah, and I can’t get onto it. There’s also hardly any comments on there. I think everyone who is on the tree uses it to submit links, but not comment.

I’m always suspicious these things might be fake, but Steph Curry is the one wizard who makes me think it’s real.

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Same. I saw this and because it was him, I was not 100% sure of the fakeness. However, I believe the fakeness was confirmed.

Yup. After sharing it, I looked up more videos by the same videographer on twitter and one was credited:

Director/VFX: @ari_fararooy

So yeah, a VFX guy shared this video…


Exit (the escape room game) advent calendar

There’s a couple of them. I thought about getting one, despite being Jewish/atheist, but they were sold out and not easy to acquire.

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When the reason you decided to get into online videos is reviewed in a video essay.

God, I miss Captain S. Everything PBC Productions made was fantastic.
I was devastated when I saw the announcement that the gang had broken up and season 2 wasn’t happening.

Pipe Dream from Animusic is back and in 4k: