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This was pretty crazy to watch. 17 minute video of dominoes!

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I was completely unaware of this and think it’s neat. Apparently it was just an open casting call for “people with horses who can ride them” and they ended up turning away a LOT of people. Because who says no when the question is “do you want to be Rohirrim?” lol

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Had no idea where this was going at first but a well put together dive:

The thing that keeps striking me during this is how in just the few months since this was put out the whole concept of the image’s use and application seems both obsolete (moreso than what the video already points out) and yet a prescient warning in some aspects, but nevertheless something soon relegated to history books for it’s niche obsolescence.

In light of how rapidly AI art has increased in competency and fidelity, learning from the internet’s collective body of visual works and being shaped by those with often specific and outlier preferences (to be diplomatic about it) I wonder what those few people’s preferences training the algorithms today will do to the long-term legacy of what these systems tend to produce.

Maybe it’ll all blend out, or maybe it’ll be imprinted on the CMB of AI media generation for decades.

I’m guessing this is the Lenna image (literally a cropped nude from a Playboy magazine):

I don’t think im going to watch a 33 minute video to find out what else you are talking about

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Nothing I’m talking about specifically is in the video. The video is about, yes the Lena image and discussions around it, so if you know you know I guess. I did not, despite probably having should have come across it at some point. It’s a well put together video going way beyond just that image, with infographics and interviews, but without going full-bore V-sauce to where we end up 20-steps removed by the end.

I’m just thinking the discussion around that specific image is, while already basically art/computer history, it’s about to be overwhelmed by what will likely be next generations of that image, as new technology is starting to come into play. I’m curious about what’s next and whether the social landscape has actually changed at all for this time around.

The data you put in will directly reflect the results. Racist data, racist output. Sexist data, sexist output.

That’s why I’m super unimpressed by the current trend of just “more data is better, even low quality data” so it’s just hoovered up from the internet at large. What do you think it’s going to result in? An AI that’s NOT a racist asshole?

The Lenna Image is BETTER than any unvetted images used to train modern AI because at least they cropped out the nudity!!!

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Tumblr is bringing back nudity…kinda.

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Ben Eater is back! And it’s something I’m really interested in.

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The New York Times shared a post on Instagram: "As an energy crisis looms, young activists in Paris are using superhero-like Parkour moves to switch off wasteful lights that stores leave on all night.

Read the full story at the link in our bio."....

Found this on Discord and had to share here.

A user on a webcomic server found a strip of Ctrl+Alt+Del and found it incredibly unfunny.

So he decided to edit it. (His name is Caesar; he deserves the credit.)

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