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That, But Lesbians


This is probably old news to some people on here, but I just discovered this today and it’s pretty awesome:

“The “best statistical drawings ever created.”

“Minard’s graphic is quite clever because of its ability to combine all of dimensions: loss of life at a time and location, temperature, geography, historical context, into one single graphic. He shows these various details without distracting text or labels as well. For example, he displays the points where Napoleon’s troops divide into subgroups by breaking out the main bar into branches. He adds thin lines to represent river crossings on the return trip that further decimated Napoleon’s diminishing troops. And he is able to show the drastic loss in life from Napoleon’s decision in just a single corner of the diagram.”


I hear @gomidog here




They deleted all of the original Best Friends videos! FUCK. It’s bad enough that the Super Best Friends broke up but now you can’t even watch some of their earliest and funniest stuff.






Leek Spin



Much excitement on my flight from Shanghai to Detroit. A few hours in, they asked on the PA if there was a doctor onboard. The guy across the aisle from me shot up and had a gleam in his eyes like he was thinking, “this is my moment!” Turns out that someone fairly young had had a stroke (and not his first, either), but hadn’t been to see a doctor. He was alright, except for getting an earful from the older flight attendants about how his health is important and he needs to get checked out.



So apparently, the x86 MOV assembly instruction by itself is Turing complete:


I feel like I read this somewhere years ago…


It’s possible it was posted a while back… but I came across it again today and couldn’t remember if it was or wasn’t.