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In a 1958 episode of a Western TV series called “Trackdown,” a con man named Trump comes to the town and warns people that the world will be destroyed… and that only he can save them… by building a wall!


I saw that Tweet yesterday. I didn’t even notice that Alex Hirsch had posted it.


Not really sure where to post this as it’s not really good news. I’m sorta into a class of viruses. They’re in Biosafety level 4, which just means there’s no way to vaccinate so physical separation is all we have. I’m specifically into the subset of them called filoviruses. A group that includes ebola (which is by far the least interesting in the group)

I’ve had my eye on this subclass since I read the hot zone in like 8th grade. I remember back in college when I saw the wikipedia page had updated showing there’d been development in locating the natural reservoir of the Marburg virus but was scant on details but referenced a book that existed in the library prompting me into an afternoon of research (and ultimately discovering that the precautions for study of class IV viruses had been expanded to include a third suit between the inner and outer suits) just to be anticlimactically told it was the Egyptian fruit bat.

Anyway, in filovirus news, something that hasn’t happened since about 1989 with Ebola Reston aka Reston Virus , a new filovirus seems to have been discovered. It seems it’s called Mengla, after the area it was discovered. About like 12 people are about to have really bad days as samples come in.







I kinda low key hope someone totally can, they just get like one guy who actually was a kicker in like college or something.


As a professional juggler, there have been a few situations where someone hasn’t known that fact and wanted me to do something involving throwing and catching, assuming I wouldn’t be able to, or that anyone would find it impossible. Turns out: nope!

Once I was even asked up to take part in a street show in Covent Garden, where the performer wanted me to do games like throwing a banana skin into a bin. I tried really hard not to make things look too easy for me, just so the rest of the audience could enjoy him making fun of me for failing.

The final trick was kicking a hat up from my foot and catching it on my head. Turns out: I can do this in my sleep. I made sure it didn’t land perfectly on the top of my head, and instead kept looking up so it landed more on my face. The performer’s face was priceless, as obviously nobody had ever managed this in the entire time he’d been performing his show. I have photos of his shocked face. It was very funny.


Man, you are like the perfect candidate for this kinda thing. You have a pretty rare and visually appealing talent that its generally a safe assumption to assume someone doesn’t have. That had to have been a priceless moment.





Hence why I tell everyone I know not to buy any of those devices.


Jon Rettinger is leaving TechnoBuffalo after 9 years.

I can’t believe it. I’ve been watching since he joined Revision3 back in the day, and he’s been a big inspiration for tech channels on YouTube. I’m gonna miss his tech videos, but I’m glad he’s following his passion.







Dunno why but the visual of a bunch of south africans waving long guns in a moving safari truck covered in exotic game being assholes cracks me up. Like a lot.