Things of Your Day


Every time I think of Condé Nast, I think of a line from:


The Machinima Backups are on Vimeo.




Two things of the day??


First one was overrated.


You mean underrated.

That movie is a triumph.


I did not make any mistake. I didn’t say it was bad, but it is nowhere close to a triumph.

I’m very thankful for a few great things it has given us, though, such as Rugpisser.


The Big Lebowski is on the vanishingly short list of movies I absolutely will watch again at anytime. Don’t ask me what the others are because I don’t know. But El Duderino is on there for sure.



what the christ


This must be what it’s like to be targeted by the shitty wizard.


They misspelled DemoWeasel on the last one, maybe that one would have worked otherwise. So you dodged a bullet there.


This Indeed listing for a paralegal position took me on a wild, coke-fueled trip. I actually applied for it because I have this idiot part of my brain that HAS TO KNOW.






Innuendo Studios knocks it out of the park again and really reinforces the issues of conservative trolling.


Cats x Japan


Missing that Frank Klepacki show is the one thing that physically pains me about not making it to MAGfest this year. (Other than the physical pain I was in at home already :wink:)

I am super grateful it was recorded, and I really hope he does another show again soon.