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PewDiePie is finally going to lose his crown as the top-subscribed YouTuber. A channel called T-Series (it’s like VEVO, but for India) has been quickly catching up to Pewds’ massive sub count the past few months, and they’re only a few hundred thousand away from taking the top spot.

You can watch the sub counts in real time with this livestream.


More power to the billion or so Indians, as well as those who are into Indian pop culture, in hopefully displacing that piece of shit PewDiePie.



I didn’t even know most of this stuff. But this is both interesting and fundamental:



Liberty Island owns the Statue of Liberty.


When they erected the statue they didn’t choose that spot because New Jersey was there. End of story.



I read this, it was made in the 1960s, it is still relevant to this day.





I have no idea who Post Malone is, but this is quite possibly the funniest and most brutal review of an artist I have ever read:

" Post Malone’s problem isn’t that he’s a bad person or even completely untalented. It’s that he stands for nothing at all. He can afford to feign the swagger and cool of hip-hop when it’s convenient and opt out when it’s time to see who’s riding for the cause. It’s always been a fairly straightforward compact when it comes to hip-hop: If you’re a white person eating off what has historically been black culture, you have a certain obligation to repay that creative debt. Eminem continues to attack the hypocrisies and contradictions that allowed him to leapfrog equally gifted artists. Macklemore may have lacked subtlety or a rudimentary understanding of when to share text messages, but there was no questioning his dedication to confront his white privilege. Even G-Eazy — repeat, even G-Eazy — dropped out of that racist H&M advertising campaign."



Not indicative of all Indian Muslims. I used to work with one years ago who was like, “Yeah, we Indian Muslams hate those Pakistani guys too.”


Following up on a previous boo-yah, my band has the initial rough mixes of our second album, and damn, it sounds so good. Been listening to it non-stop for hours and figuring out what the album order should be. It certainly isn’t the work of professionals, but I’m literally crying while listening to it, so that has to count for something.


Saw that Jared is doing an event tomorrow in NY and thought of you guys:

I’ll be there to… [GO WEST] and [GET SWORD]… with friends.


I am well aware, probably not going though.


You’ll be missed. No one Action Castles like you sir.


So this past weekend I was at MAGCon, it’s planning MAGFest. The only part you want to know about it is this:

MAGFest making their first steps in cultural gaming exchange.