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… how is that not parody…




I now have 2 31" monitors, on my computer. This is amazing.


Got my first tattoo outlined. It came out really well.


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I have listened to this at least 10 times now:


I must admit I’ve wondered in the past what I would sound like dubbed into other languages. From a recent interview for TV in Japan, I now know what I sound like in Japanese.

Yeah! Combat-e Juggling! Luk-e Burragei Sen.


I hunted down a meme about a Japanese mascots being good at drumming.



Got anything in 60fps?


So, when smartphone gaming matured a few years later, the general public was far more open to the idea of gaming than they would have been before the DS blew up. The timing couldn’t have been worse for Nintendo: It had basically primed the entire world for iPhone.

I’m still not especially convinced, although most people play terrible iPhone games. And nothing, other than themselves, was stopping Nintendo from releasing iPhone games.


Hate to break it to you, but you now sound like pretty much every foreign man on NHK. That woman does a lot of narration and that man does a lot of dubbing.

Also, they wrote your name as ルーク・バレージ Luuku Bareeji, in case that’s ever a thing you need to know.


MovieBob has been running his annual Schlocktober on The Escapist (he reviews bad/cheesy horror movies every week in October), and today’s offering is a real treat: The Maze.

The movie is extremely dull for the first two acts, but then the payoff shows up in the final act and I was laughing my ass off.



That is even better.



My neighbors burnt down our very ripe compost this summer. RIP.


(some of these are more accurate than others, but as a whole are very enjoyable watch)

This whole channel is gold.