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The more pieces you break something up into, the more surface area it has, which means that dust has a lot of surface area. Dusts can be very flammable; even normally non-flammable things like candy, milk, and iron can—when converted to powder form—combust violently in a dust explosion.


I looked up a couple of different brands - most of the ones I found use cornstarch and food colouring. Cornstarch is so easily ignited when scattered that people often use it for “safe” fire-breathing, and it also scatters smoldering particles fucking EVERYWHERE. In the 1980s, a custard factory in England was almost leveled from a cornflour explosion(and fun fact, when the firefighters arrived and turned their hoses on it, it resulted in custard running down the streets), and in 2015, the worst mass injury event in the history of Taiwan was caused by a cornstarch-based colour powder used in a stage act causing an explosion.

They absolutely do. I’ve been through enough safety inductions to know better, but it’s absolutely astounding what can undergo some extremely exciting changes when exposed to an ignition source - like, aluminum dust from some industrial processes is incredibly hazardous. It’s a common issue that needs to be dealt with in woodworking shops, too, fine sawdust goes up with an admirable enthusiasm.


I think we had a previous era where the average person doing this kind of thing had the experience to just know about these kinds of dangers due to daily life, apprenticeships, etc… When everyone knows someone who works in a factory, odds are at least one of your friends will tell you what you’re about to do is stupid.

In the current era trained professionals know it, but no one else does. To the average person with minimal science education and no industrial experience, it’s hard to blame them for not knowing about non-apparent dangers like dust.

My grandpa had a massive sawdust mitigation system rigged up in his garage.


Man, if dust is so explosive, we should blow up the freaking Moon. :sunglasses:


Gotta get some rust up there to oxidize it though.


Smash Mars into the Moon


God that sounds like a cheap sci-fi novel, the bad guys destroy Mars by accelerating the moon into it.


I’m no explosionologist but I’m pretty sure to oxi-dize you need oxy-gen So really just send some air up there and we’re in business.


Things regular people don’t realize are dangers (a non-exhaustive list):

  • Dust (will catch fire or explode)
  • Oxidizers that aren’t gas (they’ll still oxidize a fire)
  • Static discharge between a liquid and its pipe/container (it’ll spark and start a fire even if there’s no “air” involved)
  • “Empty” tanks (vapors are more dangerous than the liquids themselves and will explode/catch fire all on their own)
  • Pressure vessels (they just fucking explode with zero warning killing everyone)
  • Enclosed spaces (de-oxygenated environments make people pass out before they feel anything)
  • Blowing out pipes (it’s shocking how often it’s done with natural fucking gas instead of something inert)
  • Composting at scale (see “enclosed spaces” above)


Even a small heap can catch fire if it’s really cooking with decomposition. Ours did one time when I was a kid.


Holy shit.


We don’t need Balloons, we just need to bring the Moon to the Oxy-gen…

-72 Hours Remain-


Wait! Hold on…

This news is just coming in but apparently Moon =/= Dust.

It really was cheese all along:


So did mine, but only in his second garage, which was built after the first. As to why it was only in his second garage, well, funny story actually…

One that always surprised me, is how many people don’t store their compressors with the drain valve open. Or even drain out their compressors when they’re done using them. That water builds up, rusts the tank, and now you’ve got a pressure vessel with a weak side, which gets very exciting very quickly. You ever seen steel tear and roll inside out like a balloon popping?


If it’s not on Netflix, Prime, or Crunchyroll I’m heading to the high seas, ARRRRR!


15 characters of same.


Thirded for me except for the Crunchyroll part, because I stopped my crunchy sub for different reasons that wouldn’t change if I pirated whatever instead. It’d just be wasting drive space on stuff I wasn’t going to get the time to watch anyway.


I actually also subscribe to for the old school high brow movies. Might not renew it, though.


I check these places in order.

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon (prime video, purchase, rent)
  3. Crunchyroll (anime only)
  4. Youtube
  5. The blab (sports only)
  6. The high seas

Right now the only things other than live sports that Poseidon has had to provide are The Good Place and Westworld.


I only pirate through Spotify.