Things of Your Day


Whoops, I missed it. Oh well, it’s so nice we can post it twice. Weird Al deserves two posts.


I’ve never seen Weird Al with short hair before, so I didn’t recognize him until he started with the accordion.


How can people keep being so excited about the most insipid cover song of all time? And then how can people be excited about the most boring music video of all time?


I’m all caught up with the Franklin Cities: Skylines series. Really enjoyable! I’m treating them like podcasts with fun background imagery, so I don’t mind about a longer gap until the next release.


I like the original song. But yeah, if someone’s going to cover it I either want a radical re-interpretation or a proper new music video.


Okay, I don’t want to be negative about other people’s things of the day too much, but this bread video was so immediately not worth watching that we turned it off about one minute in. I was warned by this thread that it would be obvious, but the first two pieces of bread were so laughably different and obvious that I would have just skipped to the next pair. But then the expert started pretending the bread was a rocket and doing noises? What the hell? Does he have so little to say he has to act like a child? So we stopped that one.

We checked back and found we hadn’t watched the ice cream video. Way better! We learned a lot, and I didn’t immediately want to punch the expert in the face.


I question if the bread expert was really a bread expert. Based on the information in that video, I am a bread expert.


Dude lives in NYC, you should go to his bakery and challenge him. Can you smell a bread and tell it was proofed in a fridge?


Same man, same. I’m real glad for the recommendation here.


Challenge him and then make a bread that will make his clothes fly off!




Marvel’s Spider-Man is on its way to rival Bethesda levels of hilarious glitches.



Uh oh.


It is October, my power has returned. :smiley:


The year of out Lord 2018 in a single article:

Straight white male border patrol agent starts wildfire with a gun at gender reveal party.


Yeah, Tannerite combined with colour powder doesn’t sound like a gender reveal party to me, it sounds like a fuel-air bomb.


If it’s chalk it would probably be ok but tannerite alone is freaking stupid to use in dry conditions.



I think most people underestimate the dangers of powder and dust.

Sugar dust explosion:

Iron dust fires